….laff?… nearly passed me blogs round…


…there’s only about a squillion gazillion blog posts thrown onto the Web every nanosecond… so, when yeez become ‘a blogger of intent’ (my phrase, Mabel… bound to be quoted soon in Wikipedia, I’m sure), there’s a wee bit of competition for eyeball attraction for yer own posts… the advent of the ‘net’ has exacerbated what I term ‘the newspaper cartoon strip attention span’… if a reader doesn’t get ‘hooked’ by the blog’s heading, first sentence, or opening phrasing, yeez’ve lost them already… pretty much like we quill-scrapers attempting to produce a knockout, ‘pull-‘em’-in’ opening page in yer novels and other masterpieces… I s’pose offering money or other favours may have its attractions, but as most of us are not possessed of massive funds to ‘persuade’ folks monetarily to pick up our off’rings, resort to literary technique is the order of the day… from this ol’ Jurassic’s perspective, among the myriad plethoric blogging cornucopias (what a bluudy phrase,that is, eh, Mabel?) that swim across my ken, I most enjoy those which follow my ‘E’s ROOL… those which Educate, Elucidate, Encourage, Entertain, Elaborate, Extend-my-knowledge, and which I Enjoy-for-their-own-sake… having a good laff is always to be applauded… sum’times as a scribbler, I can be tempted to take myself too seriously (heaven forfend)… so laffing at myself first of all, takes pride of place… taking the p*ss out of those whose delusions of adequacy tumble before them is also right up there… when in need of the occasional cheerful fillip, I resort to clips of my lifetime comedic God, Master Billy Connolly, or old reruns of Tommy Cooper… never fails to improve my mood… sum’times it’s Celtic music (which I’ve shared with yeez ad inforeverum), or the pick of superb voices blasting from the past… whatever raises the spirit has to be in yer favourites… I exhort yeez to find a few of these ‘happy triggers’ for yerselves, then share them from time to time with yer followers.. here’s yet another slice of Master Connolly for yeez to enjoy (with Tom Cruise in there for good measure, too) … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    We have moved the large bookcases from my office this week and relocated in the lounge. My husband is moving in with me…. in the office sense… he is currently (for the last 15 years) been in the dining area off the kitchen and since it would be more appropriate for that to return to its original function now the house is on the market we will cohabit…. actually we have done this before and it works very well and because my office is cosier in the winter the flat screen is moving in as well so that we can use as a snug…Anyway I transgress (about all the sinning I do these days) I had to move all the books down the corridor and took the opportunity to peruse a few.. including my original Little Women and Black Beauty which will now be reread with great delight..Book sales are absolutely welcome but actually I would like to think that 100 years from now (or even two!) someone will find a copy of one of my books in print and think ‘I enjoyed that, would love to read again’.
    Onto blogging, there are zillions as Seumas correctly points out and getting noticed, let alone read more than once is certainly an interesting process… I will leave you with Mr. Seumas Gallacher and his E’s to get yourself noticed and a touch of Billy Connolly with Tom Cruise for those of us who have a soft touch for him with the ultimate chat show host Michael Parkinson…. Enjoy and thanks Seumas

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  2. I enjoyed the film clip. My daughter does standup in clubs in the U.S. 🙂

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  3. So funny. Thanks for the laff.

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  4. Cate Russell-Cole

    Oh that red suit!


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