…my friend, Authoress, Emily Guido’s new book, SEDITIOUS, is due in January, and she’s doing the right thing in pre-announcing NOW… any pick up and reblog or share will be very welcome by the dear Lady, Emily… … cheers 🙂


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  1. Very interesting. I subscribe to this blog. 🙂

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  2. THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!! Seumas you are an ANGEL! I would love to have you on my Pay it Forward Friday. The details are on my blog but here it is below. AUTHORS need to help each other! I’m a big believer in Good Karma! Lots of love, Emily

    PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY, is in swing, and I would love to have you. I will need:
    1. Cover pic or pics of t you want to promote.
    2. Bio with or without a Bio pic.
    3. Synopsis of the book or books you would like to promote.
    4. If you have a book trailer, that would be great!
    5. Character Interview, Guest Post or Snippet (around 500 words)
    That’s it! Easy and FREE promotion for you! I have about 700 followers on WordPress. Facebook Fanpage over 6900 followers. I have 1700 followerrs on Twitter. On my Facebook Page BOOKS, READERS AND AUTHORS I have over 15,000 followers!
    Email me at and write ‘Pay It Forward Friday’ in Subject line and include what Friday would work best for you!
    Lots of love, Emily Guido – Author of The Light-Bearer Series


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