…it’s my ugly mug on them there shelves…and I LUV IT!!…

Brad_Pitt…for those of yeez who may have difficulty in telling the difference, at the side here is Master Brad Pitt





kilt 2


…and this is not Master Brad Pitt

…in my parallel universe, running ‘long side my quill-scraping endeavours, I have my own company troubleshooting firm… boring business-y stuff like restructuring divisions, realigning management structure and all the other corporate Master-Of-The-Universe gobbledegook… in the pursuit of that (and it’s kinda handy when it comes to paying-the-monthly-bills time), I’m currently shuttling regularly twixt Abu Dhabi and Bahrain… when I arrived in Abu Dhabi this time, I chanced by W.H.Smith’s outlet at Terminal One at the airport… and behold and lo, gleaming away proudly on their shelves are the only two of my crime thrillers I currently have in print, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK (pride of place in their ‘Books You’ll Love To Read’ tableau)…



…and THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY (number 12 in their bestsellers, fiction section)…


…the third in the Jack Calder series, SAVAGE PAYBACK, is still only available on the Great God Amazon Kindle… now, usually this ol’ Jurassic is not enamoured of the Web’s ubiquitous stream of endless ‘selfies’… the modern-day nemesis of the Professional Portrait Photographers Union… but how easily I slipped into that mode with my wee literary masterpieces… of course, they are infinitely more photogenic than I… and I DO have a mutual understanding with Master Brad Pitt (see above)… he stays out of writing crime thrillers…and I stay out of the movies… and, bless him, he’s kept his end of the deal… yeez never see him on the W.H.Smith author hoardings do yeez?… now, the good news is that  yeez don’t have to grab an airline ticket to Abu Dhabi to get a hold of my wee babies, they’re all right here:

wall copy 2


Savage Payback                :  http://amzn.to/1oyHNah

Vengeance Wears Black    :  http://amzn.to/W59BB3

The Violin Man’s Legacy    : http://amzn.to/10wnMXB

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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28 responses to “…it’s my ugly mug on them there shelves…and I LUV IT!!…

  1. robertpwills

    Did you offer to sign them while you were there? I read a fun article by Stephen Patsis of “Pearls Before Swine” fame and he told a story about going into a bookstore and offering to sign his books.

    They were glad to have it and he stayed for a while even. When he left, he realized no one actually asked him for any identification. He said next time he was going in and trying to sign other author’s books.

    In any case, congratulations on being an internationally recognized writer!

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  2. I’m sure people have trouble telling you apart from Brad. (Hint: he’s the short one…)

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  3. thank god you put captions on these pics, for there is no way i would have known which of you was brad and which was seamus in those kilts –

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  4. Great news! And thanks for helping us with the pictures. Methink Master Brad is looking worse for wear these days but time does not pass for you…:)

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  5. @hell4heather

    YIPPEE!!! Let the world domination commence! Congrats Seumas XXX


  6. @hell4heather

    PS I don’t like that Brad Pitt anyway, ever since he came to Glasgow promising in all the papers that he was going to turn it into Philadelphia for his zombie movie. I went there with crackers, breadsticks and everything. NOTHING! ;’-)

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  7. Seumas, Be careful of Brad. He may be tempted to say you’re buddies so he can get to be better known outside the U.S. Congratulations on having your books known in internaional markets. That’s great!

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  8. Woohoooo!!! Congratulations! How cool is that? But I thought that guy in the first pic was the ugly mug…

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  9. You may well already have this award in your collection, but if you haven’t, have a One Lovely Blog Award. It’s free! Collect it here
    or just visit the other nominees.

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  10. Loved this. The captions on the kilted photos really made me laugh.



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  11. You got my attention with the kilt (forget Brad Pitt) and then the airport bookstore. W O W!! Congrats. I love the way you let us know about your books. I’m going to learn from you (I hope!!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • …the thing is to try to NOT be ‘spammy’ … it’s okay in my view to wrap yer ‘messages’ around other stuff that may be of interest to others … as I say in my wee Guide thing, I most enjoy other blogs which do any of these for me: educate, entertain, elucidate, empathise… how’s that for all the ’e’s!! 🙂 mwaaaah 🙂


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