…the Authors’ literary SOSYAL NETWURK equivalent of ‘WURKIN’ THE ROOM’…


…the distinguished author, J.M.Barrie is the first person credited with the immortal lines, ‘…there are few more impressive sights in the world than a Scotsman on the make.’… and he was Scottish himself… it says a lot for how comfortable we Scots are in our own skin… lift that idiom on to the universal diaspora of all we quill-scrapers, of whatever nationality… and particularly as it applies to the constant barrage of presences (plural) on the SOSYAL NETWURKS as we clamour to have our authorial voices heard amidst the din… it is by now a well-established given, our scribbling is merely the beginning of the journey to Nobel-ic fame and fortune…the need is ever-present to be available on the Web circuit, peddling our masterpieces to all and any who care to take heed… in a parallel life, this ol’ Jurassic spent several decades in the international financial arena, where part of the ‘game’ involved attending endless functions, cocktail parties, and events in order to ‘see and be seen’… most industries have similar carnivals… but, I posit with yeez that we of the global virtual candle-lit garret planet have a head start on all of these… we are enabled to do it all sitting in front of our computers and laptops…


…access to yer favourite SOSYAL MEDYA channel poisons of choice is so simple… also, no belly-to-belly finger-food and cocktail-spilling occasions that I attended ever had in excess of a couple of hundred people in the room/hall/hotel chamber at any one time… on here, yeez can plug into gazillions simultaneously… it’s the Authors’ literary SOSYAL NETWURK equivalent of ‘WURKIN’ THE ROOM’… and it’s fun when yeez get immersed in it… yeez can plug yer priceless periodicals… yeez can nominate yer narcissistic novels… yeez can blazon yer books brazenly… and, like all the best news feeds, yeez can do it 24/7… good is that… see yeez later… got some plugging, nominating and blazoning to get in with… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…the Authors’ literary SOSYAL NETWURK equivalent of ‘WURKIN’ THE ROOM’…

  1. Your Celtic is showing! 😀

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  2. Seumas, Well-written piece. How times change! 🙂

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