…make shine while the hay suns… or sum’thing like that …

…as yeez can see from the blog title today, my wee grey cells are currently shooting off in all directions… I’m a bit dizzy with the response to my little masterpiece’s FREE Kindle promoSELF -PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES has been chortling away, radiating in it’s sector slot at # 1 in Amazon.Co.UK, # 1 in Amazon.com, (USA), # 1 in Amazon.ca (Canada), #1 in Amazon.de (Germany), # 1 in Amazon.fr (France), and (sob, sob), only #2 in Amazon.com.au (Australia)… frankly, it’s blowing my mind… here’s a couple of generous reviews already this week :

From Carol Anne Hunter
This review is from: Self-Publishing Steps To Successful Sales (Kindle Edition)
I found this book very helpful indeed. There were no obscure anacronyms or techno-jargon to confuse me and no intricate details I couldn’t get my head around. I have tried LinkedIn but had no success with it and to be honest, there are only so many hours in the day and I do need time to write plus have a life so I don’t want to work too many SN sites. But the advice relating to twitter and Facebook was excellent and although I was already a member of Goodreads, I realised I wasn’t using it properly and have put an author profile on it tonight. A very handy wee book, well written, clear and to the point. Definitely worth the reading.

From George Polley
Underlying this excellent little book by author Seumas Gallacher is this mantra: “Treat your writing as a business.” Then he walks his readers through each simple (but not necessarily easy) step. I found the book very helpful, particularly when it comes to understanding how best to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Goodreads to build loyal followers and readers. If you are a writer, especially a self-published writer, I highly recommend Mr. Gallacher’s books as a must-have, must-read, must-use tool for building your writing business. Because, after all is said and done with the writing part, that’s what it’s all about. And we, as authors, control the outcome by treating our writing in a businesslike way.

…many thanks Carol and George…

…to other scribblers out there, it’s still FREE for another three days… fill yer boots…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

UK: http://amzn.to/Qq2c3y
US: http://amzn.to/1lt6bcv




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9 responses to “…make shine while the hay suns… or sum’thing like that …

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve just downloaded and can’t wait to read. I don’t self-publish, but this sounds like what any author needs to do these days.

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    • …you are correct, m’Lady… it applies to every author… I pitched it first at the indies and self-publishers, as I know tons of people out there scribbling have the same things to deal with as I have as a solo quill-scraper…
      however, I now have a publisher about to start the ‘edit-me, edit-you’ journey, but they are a hybrid of print and eBooks… precisely what I need for the next phase of this fabulous Magical Mystery Tour I’m on… LUVVIN’ IT! 🙂 if my experience can help my pals to succeed, that will be a monster bonus ::):)


  2. Well they’re right. It is a handy wee book! 😉 Nice one. Enjoy the warm fuzzy glow of stars!



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  3. Whoot! Congratulations! (Though these results are not at all surprising to those of us who have read it!)

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  4. Seumas, Sounds like a must read. 🙂 — Suzanne

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