I Can Hear the Ocean Roar

…. interesting and insightful blog piece on story structure from Christine Plouvier ( she even quotes me, my goodness! )… enjoy 🙂


IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

We’ve been trying to figure out how someone can manage to “pants” writing an almost 200,000-word, nearly 500-page novel, with no more background in creative writing than any other person who has a lifetime of avid fiction reading experience.

IrishFirebrandscoverartSo far, our examination of Irish Firebrands has led us down the primrose paths of sensory descriptions, invasion by The Muses, reader psychology, learning the Irish language, the perils of proofreading, Authors as Artists, genre, the nature of Written Art, The 7 Reasonable Rules of Writing, and what it means to be an Indie … among many others.

When I was writing the book, the only analysis I did was of chapter length, in order to help with editing, and achieve reasonable reading times (approximately 30-40 minutes per chapter). This time, I decided to look for patterns in the structure of the story.

Whose story is it, anyhow?

Expanding on an analysis concept by Seumas Gallagher

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2 responses to “I Can Hear the Ocean Roar

  1. Seumas, Interesting read. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. …hi, Suzanne.. if you click on the mis-spelling of my name in the text, you will be linked in to my own blog piece on the subject a while ago,,,… that;s the one she refers to… :):)… great minds think alike, and all that! 🙂


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