R and R

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The Bingergread Cottage

No – not rest and recuperation, that is from my military days. This is for Rights and Responsibilities. Had a lot of “thinks” about this regarding social media. Much crochet, yarn flicking, mind in time with it.

We all have the right to speak our mind, freedom of speech etc. However, we have the responsibility to ensure that we don’t hurt or offend our friends. Hopefully nobody else either but brainless folks defending the indefensible are probably best ignored.

That’s the question though, isn’t it? What I find indefensible is perfectly acceptable to others. Should I rage at someone about it? What percentage of the population has to agree with me for it to be OK? At which point do I become a “boring ole fart, banging on again”?

I don’t eat meat but many of my friends do. Does that give me the right to “yukkie” a photo they…

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