…look who yeez have coming to dinner…

…I’m getting fascinating feedback from this posting I threw on to Facebook this morning:


…here’s a wee bit of Facebook distraction for yeez (as if we need any more, right!)… imagine yerself as the host or hostess at a dinner party where you are able to invite twelve other real people, living or dead (alive for purposes of the dinner, of course), what kinda mix would yeez have at the table?… I play this game frequently with dinner pals, and it’s amazing that (a) how often my twelve selections radically change, and (b) how many people choose the same invitees (without collusion)…YOU WANNA HAVE A TRY? TELL US YOUR DOZEN… here’s my 12 for today:

Billy Connolly

Sir Winston Churchill

Robin Williams

Albert Einstein

Goldie Hawn


Oscar Wilde

Peter Ustinov

Sir Alex Ferguson

Joseph (father of Jesus)

Charles Lamb

Marie Curie


…it’s remarkable how yer ideas of who yeez would like to see sitting chatting at yer dinner table reflect a lot of yer own likes and preferences, topics yeez hold dearer to yer heart than others… yeez wanna have a go? share yer Dinner Dozen… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…look who yeez have coming to dinner…

  1. janewj

    Am so deeply wounded that I’m not on the list, that I simply refuse to play!

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  2. …yeez know full well, m’Lady, we keep the really exclusive friends for more intimate soirees `.;::))


  3. What an eclectic gathering

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  4. Overflowing intellect in that group. Interesting mixture.

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  5. Cate Russell-Cole

    Un-invite Madonna, who will try and dominate everything, and I’m coming over.

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  6. Hmmm…do they have to actually behave nicely to each other at the table? Seumas to mediate with a glasgow kiss if necessary, then for the other 11, oscar wilde, alexander the great, hatshepsut, churchill, dames helen mirren and judi dench, aristotle, william shakespeare, alexandre dumas, richard taylor from weta workshp, and atilla, the hun.

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  7. laurie27wsmith

    Let’s see.
    Nicola Tesla.
    David Niven.
    Julius Caesar.
    Davy Crockett.
    Wyatt Earp.
    Henry V111
    Florence Nightingale.
    Cleopatra. (She’ll keep big Julie in line)
    Lt James Cook.
    A B ‘Banjo’ Patterson.
    Edith Piaf
    Abraham Lincoln.

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