…a wee sense of perspective for this ol’ Jurassic Author…

…I wonder how many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land can remember, as I can, those terror-laced school days when yer school teacher was mad at yeez… it could have been coz yeez were ‘talking too loudly at the back, there, Master Gallacher’… or a professorial outrage fuelled by a dreadful homework attempt gone wrong… ‘I would have marked it less than zero out of ten if that were allowed, young man’


…yeez knew yeez were in trouble… but here’s the horrible thing about all of that… if yeez never saw that teacher or professor again for, say, another six months, for all of that six months, in yer own head yeez felt they were still fuming at yeez… a wee bit of that can creep in these days as a writer… it can sneak up on yeez… if yer sales figures drop (peeking at the numbers on the Amazon Author Sales pages ten times a day? who? moi? never!!!)… or deeper calamity still… one lone, single, solitary, negative review crawls on to yer feedback page… if yeez prick me, do I not bleed Nobel ink?… where’s the road to the nearest high precipice from which to hurl this useless excuse for a quill-scraper?… recognise this syndrome?… if yeez do… cheer up… relief is nigh… I know from the extensive amount of commentary I read on my fellow scribblers’ web pages, that there exists on this planet not one author worthy of the name who hasn’t at some time or other felt their work was so substandard that they were mere squinches away from packing it all in… then, oh, then… the blessed literary cavalry gallops over the hill in the form of a positive sales day… a flurry of good-hearted readers who deem yer stuff fit enuff to merit a grand review… and suddenly a wee sense of perspective seeps back into yer pysche… and the WURLD looks a bit rosier…


…doncha just LUV this novel-ing gig?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…a wee sense of perspective for this ol’ Jurassic Author…

  1. Seumas, Ahh yes, school days gone by. I never thought at the time I’d ever become a teacher. Funny how things change. 🙂 —Suzanne

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  2. Love it! I, too, am finally beginning to believe that I’m not alone!



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