…time to take a few minutes to yerselves… and just listen to this stuff…

…I make no bones about the fact that there are days when the best thing to do with the Cable News Channels is just to switch them all off at the one time… and maybe consider not ever switching them back on again… the nonsense, garbage-speak, political truth-benders, and horrendous goings-on around the planet, in this so-called civilisation of ours sum’times becomes too much… and this ol’ Jurassic feels the need to do the ‘walk-away-from-it-and-don’t-look-back’ number… at least for a little while… my steal-away mechanism is prob’ly known to quite a few of yeez by this time… I spin myself into a wee mental private corner in my head … and play the music of the Gods… the soulful Celtic pibroch skirls… it WURKS every time for me… I’m well aware it’s not everybody’s aural delight (yes, Master Andrew Peters, that’s why I usually give yeez fair warning when it’s coming on again)… I pitched some alongside my regular virtual awards today, labelling the current Award the ‘Braveheart Awards’ and included the theme tune from the movie (saves me singing it for yeez!)… I’d be interested to hear what yeez all do when yeez need to get that ‘break-from-current-supposed-real-life’… in the meantime… take a few minutes to yerselves… and just listen to this stuff… see yeez later … LUV YEEZ! 



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22 responses to “…time to take a few minutes to yerselves… and just listen to this stuff…

  1. Have a look and listen to a duel of the pipes Seumas


  2. …fabulous, Chris 🙂 you should think of sharing that one out on FB or somewhere …very good, that man 🙂


  3. I do something a little different: I have a full DVD compilation of over 40 episodes of the Coyote & the Roadrunner – it never fails to make me laugh even after watching Chick Jones’ masterful animation for the thousandth time. It’s great for putting the mind into freewheel for a time to recharge th batteries.
    Once had an embarrasing moment on a plane journey when we touched down at an intermediate stop – they had been showing a string of Roadrunner cartoons and I had the headphones on watching them. I wasn’t aware how much I was laughing until I realised everyone aboard was watching me with stupid grins on their faces.
    Well, it takes all sorts… beep, beep


  4. Great bagpipe music. I love it. 🙂 —Suzanne

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  5. Ali Isaac

    It was lovely Seumas! I’m a bit of a fan of the old Celtic music… but not the fiddledeedee stuff! However as I Iive in a very noisey house…3 kids and a dog, I tend to appreciate the Great Outdoors when I need to get away from it all, and the solitude and silence of the wide open spaces. Being near water is good, too.

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  6. People may have slated the film but who could slate music like that?

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  7. The music is phenomenal. Wish the film was less anachronistic, but I still love listening to the soundtrack. I was heavily pregnant with my first child when I first saw the film in movie theaters, and the music stirred me then, too. I purchased the soundtrack as soon as I could, and when my daughter was just a little baby, she used to “dance” and get all excited whenever I played it, almost as if she remembered hearing it from the womb. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories!

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  8. Thanks for the braveheart award, Seumas!! Your posts always make me smile 🙂

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  9. laurie27wsmith

    It wouldn’t be Hollywood if it wasn’t creative. I go and sit out on the front veranda and watch the wildlife if things get too much. Back to Hollywood, when the makers of the Battle of Britain movie were looking for backers they went hat in hand to Hollywood, where they were told, ‘Yes, we’ll finance it but all the pilots have to be Americans.’ We know what they said. Interestingly enough there was actually one pilot who was an American. How do I get so side-tracked????


  10. One has to love this type of creativity… In my case it depends, watching a variety of comedies, listening to the radio, and going for a drive tend to do it..

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