… ‘the desire to be a politician should bar yeez from ever being one’… Billy Connolly…

…following my piece yesterday on ‘The Big Yin’, master comedian, Billy Connolly, his succinct pearl, ‘the desire to be a politician should bar yeez from ever being one’ meshes in neatly with the advent of the British Political Parties Conference season… the Labour Party drum started today, but let me assure yeez, this ol’ Jurassic is entirely a-political… however, I AM decidedly anti-Politicians of any denomination… p’raps it’s a function of having been around far too long, listening to the same trite diatribe after trite diatribe for decades… it has long since been apparent to my grey cells that the spouters on the Sky News cable networks and everywhere else that the talking heads want them to be, are more concerned about being elected than caring for their supposed constituents… an unfair statement?… I think not… empirically, all yeez need are a pair of ears and half a brain to hear the same nonsense, promises, and ‘our lot will lead yeez into national, social and political Nirvana’ rallying cries from every party… aye, right!… oh, where, tell me where, Mabel, have all the statesmen and stateswomen gone?… in the last twenty-five years or so, they’ve been as scarce on the political hustings as hen’s teeth… and it’s not restricted to the (allegedly) United Kingdom… it’s everywhere, all across Europe, Australia, and sadly, in the Home of the Free, across the pond in ‘Merica… it seems strange that so much money gets channelled into getting into such a short-lived period of office, when the good folks starving on the bread line are asked to come put their mark against their supposed elective heroes and heroines… and how crazy it is, that entire populaces can be split almost 50/50 across the political divides, and then watch the chat merchants on the television screens constantly and relentlessly launch pejorative after pejorative at the opposition parties… where the single most important issue for any party is ensuring that the other side has no success in pushing through their policies… where are the concerns for the voters in all of that?… I can’t help but feel that Mister B. Connolly would have been a good buddy of my other life-long hero, Sir Winston Churchill… now there was a statesman for yeez… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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11 responses to “… ‘the desire to be a politician should bar yeez from ever being one’… Billy Connolly…

  1. I’m happy to know that Billy Connolly has said this of politicians, because I have always been of the same mind. In fact, I think we would all be better off holding a lottery instead of elections and, if you are lucky (or unlucky, depending upon how you feel about it) and your name is drawn, you must serve for one term only, whether you want to or not. Kind of like jury duty. That would certainly stop those who only run for office to satisfy their own egos. Sure the lottery system would give us a few duds who don’t really want to do the job at all or who try to take advantage of the position, but I bet that most people would rise to their highest potential and do a very good job, indeed! We can always dream that there’s a more perfect system of choosing our leaders.

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  2. Your plan sounds great Seumas!

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  3. laurie27wsmith

    Other than their hefty pension, accessible as soon as they leave politics and the perks of the game, all they think about id the next election. None of them want to stand up and say we want to do the right thing for the country.

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  4. I’ve often said that inteligent twelve-year-olds could run our city better than the people who are at the top now.

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