…’staying cheeky’ is easy with pals like Author, Gordon Milne…

..bumping into kindred spirits on the Web seems to have become a trend for this ol’ Jurassic recently… yet another good pal looms across my Facebook page, with mentions of yours truly (for which any Author is always grateful)… enter the Aberdeen-born scribbler, Gordon Milne… yeez’ll enjoy his quirky penmanship (coming from Aberdeen, I believe humour’s a mandatory built-in survival trait)… his web page and attendant blog lurks on www.staycheeky.com …now, his blog lives on a different virtual housing estate from mine, so I haven’t yet worked out how to re-blog, but the good Gordon has granted me permission to cut and paste …oh, the faith, Mabel, that emb’dy should think me capable of doing even that task, but here’s his blog post from today…

Gordon Milne

My thoughts so far…

I’m taking a moment to gather my thoughts about this whole blogging thing. I am still a blogging virgin… (that reminds me of something that might have been said in my younger days in the sixties… ” Can I see you home, young lady?” …” Well, ok, but I’m still a blog…. ……” Yes, well, where was I… Blogging I can see, can be quite addictive. Anyone can follow someone’s blog just by signing up in the box on their page. So if you feel the urge, then jump in… I have been following the kilted man who lives on the big sand dune namely,  Seumas Gallacher, who as well as being an established author, is a prolific blogger. He has a way with WURDS that is both entertaining and informative and a must have for any budding scribbler is his book  Self-Publishing Steps to Successful Sales, a very generous offering  from Seumas covering  all you need to know about marketing etc. Price is a few pennies. Just while I’m here, I’ll add my congratulations to Seumas for recently getting a publishing deal. Funny how stuff comes round. I was reading his latest blog about the island of Mull and how he worked in Tobermory. I was over there two weeks ago doing some research for my next masterpiece. In my last book I introduced a character called Jimmy Bruce who lives in Canada. His ancestors will be from somewhere on the west coast and I have to start writing some nonsense about that soon. Anyway if any of you get a chance to visit this lovely part of Scotland, you won’t be disappointed with the scenery or the seafood and if the sun shines you will be amazed… Meantime, you all…. Stay Cheeky.

Stay CheekyStill Cheekyshort stories

…thanks for that, Gordon… now the rest of yeez, get yer virtual a*ses over to his blog, have a look at his novels on the way in, and enjoy… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…’staying cheeky’ is easy with pals like Author, Gordon Milne…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    I just nipped over for a look. 🙂

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