…meeiiaaaooow! what’s new, Pussycat?… I’m joining the Top Cats… Crooked Cat Publishing…

Crooked Cat Publishing

…soul mates are hard to find, and even harder to keep… for we quill-scrapers, the equivalent must be finding a home for yer masterpieces, where the FILSOFIE matches yer own… it has been a source of querulous wonder to this ol’ Jurassic why, with over 80,000 Amazon sales/downloads since I joined the scribbling gig, that no publisher has yet seen fit to risk their reputation with me… now I know why… when the time is right, and the moon and the stars and all the other machinations of the Literary Gods align themselves properly, out of the mists comes the answer… the ‘match’ wasn’t there…until now… enter stage front, Crooked Cat Publishing… based in Edinburgh, the brain child of Laurence and Stephanie PattersonCrooked Cat Publishing,  an entity which ‘gets it’ in respect to what many authors seek and need in the rapidly-changing (changed?) universe that publishing has become in the last decade… my ‘self-publishing’ tag still holds good for some of my other WURK, but the emphasis on e-channels goes hand in glove with the manner in which I’ve developed my wee writing career to date… I’m still immersed in the SOSYAL NETWURK whirl, and the blog continues apace… it means a bit of welcome sharing of the promotional activity for my tomes… but access to outlets that my mono-pair-of-hands and more-than-addled-grey-cells did not have time to manage nor have knowledge of… in less than an hour after Crooked Cat Publishing announced our engagement, stacks of great Author pals sent their congratulations…


…the warmth of that flood of well-wishers is absolutely humbling… many of the same people I interact with on the Web already also link with the firm…some I was aware of, others not… but to a man and woman, excellent friends… just LUV this fabulous wannabe Nobel-ies family… as an aside, the fact that I’m now contracted with a Scottish-based firm seems to have had a direct and immediate impact on the polls for the Independence Vote… not my fault! … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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43 responses to “…meeiiaaaooow! what’s new, Pussycat?… I’m joining the Top Cats… Crooked Cat Publishing…

  1. Jody J Ballard

    Congratulations. I am thrilled for you. Hope to hear all the details and celebrate over a coffee soon. When are you next in town? Jody

    Jody J Ballard, LCPC Certified Professional Wellness Coach http://www.jodyballard.com +971 055 288 1255

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  2. Ali Isaac

    Wow well done and congratulations! I would say with all your work on the sosyal networks, you have certainly earned this recognition! You are moving on to big and better things! Be proud, Seumas!

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  3. Wonderful news, Seamas! While you should keep your feet on the ground, I’m sure a little hop and a skip would be in order!

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  4. This certainly could not have happened to a more deserving author! Congratulations!! I’m hoping this new association with Crooked Cat Publishing frees up some of your promotion time so you may now get back to writing many more terrific books!

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  5. Congratulations. I know this was a goal and you are right, moon and stars need to be right.

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  6. GREAT NEWS Seumas – and about time too! – But be advised my dear sir that that will NOT stop me publishing your articles (should you honour me by sending them) OR your ‘Just Released’ Book Promos (should you let me know about them) on my little blog – just as other Crooked Cat(ters) do 😀

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  7. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise! and commented:

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  8. Congratulations both to you and to Crooked Cat! And good luck!

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  9. whoot! Awesome news, Sir! Congratulations! What a great way to start a Tuesday!

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  10. That’s Great news Seumas and a Scottish Publisher too. Couldn’t be better. Congratulations.

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  11. Squeeeeee! That’s fantastic news! Hybrid is the way to go, I’m sure.



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  12. They’re lucky to get you, Seumas. Make sure they know it! Many congrats.

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  13. Congratulations to you and to Crooked Cat. May your relationship grow ever-stronger and mutually beneficial.

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  14. The universe is finally aligned. Congratulations. 😀 😀

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  15. Congratulations Seamas! 🙂

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  16. laurie27wsmith

    Now let’s take it easy here Seumas, has matron been around with her bluddy needle? Or, is this the real deal? If so, well done that man. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  17. Congratulations! Don’t forget us little peeps 😉

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