Do you have the can-do factor?

Oh, dear, Master Gallacher clocked 18…am not sure if I’m supposed to be embarrassed by that or not, but I agree with Jane Dougherty that the persona of a writer these days is expected to be a split one… author, then publicist… interesting piece..:)

Jane Dougherty Writes

Reading through Monday morning blog posts, my eye was caught by Clare O’Dea’s post about the narcissistic possibilities of blogging. At the end of the post she proposes a test to check your narcissus score. I know I’m not exactly oozing with ‘can-do’ but was still a bit shocked to find how close to the ocean floor I was crawling. Somewhere between the bit the Titanic’s resting on and the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

I don’t think I am falsely modest about my writing—I believe that it’s good. Not exceptional, not brilliant, but good. In fact it would be pretty strange to go to the trouble of publishing books that I considered to be a load of rubbish. If one of the 40 questions had been ‘Do you reckon you are a good writer?’ I could have answered in the affirmative. One brownie point to me. But there were…

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9 responses to “Do you have the can-do factor?

  1. Ali Isaac

    Well that must be why you’re doing so well for yourself in you writing career! Good for you… you’re up there with all them slebs!!!

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  2. I think I might as well not be here at all since my score was a measly 2. Maybe I’m a figment of my own imagination?

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  3. I read the post but didn’t check myself. I’d rather not know…

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  4. I got 8. I’m obviously very backwards in coming forward.

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