…treat yerselves to Author, Bridget Whelan’s great ‘BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING… free today on Goodreads…

…last December, this ol’Jurassic was delighted to pen a wee review piece for my pal Author, Bridget Whelan’s great ‘BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL’… for emb’dy out there among yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who wanna treat yourselves, it’s now FREE on Goodreads (sorry, no discount!)…


…a great read for Authors everywhere… she’s been there, and got the T-shirt… 

“…the epithet of the lives of loads of writers, ‘when all else fails, read the instructions’… Bridget Whelan is a breath of fresh air in an arena cluttered with would-be ‘experts’ on the machinations of story-telling in all its forms… the title, Back To Creative Writing School,  is a red herring, plain and simple… this no tutorial classroom primer… this is a delicious slalom through the collected experience of someone who knows the craft of writing inside-out, outside-in, top to bottom and back to the middle again… whether the wand of literary scribbling is newly upon you, or you’ve studied alongside Methuselah, this book will tickle your cerebral inventiveness as a purveyor of words… it’s a gem chest into which occasional dipping or prolonged visitation will be rewarded with faultless guidance (sometimes nudging) in the art of using words and language… and you do it all at your own pace… humour seeps constantly from the pages, even if you’re not using it specifically to learn, you’ll enjoy the exposition… excellent read …

What others have said about BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL

“This fantastic, down to earth, imaginative and brilliantly organised programme of exercises and explanations will give enormous inspiration to anyone who has ever wondered about whether they could write.”
Julia Crouch, author of Cuckoo, Every Vow You Break and Tarnished 

“It’s packed full of so many fascinating snippets and observations that it’s more than a writer’s handbook – it’s a book which anyone could read and if they did they would probably find their pleasure in words and the world  heightened.”

Lizzie Enfield, author of What You Don’t Know and Uncoupled


“As a creative writing lecturer I regularly check out new materials in this field. This title is one of those that will remain on my Kindle indefinitely and will be repeatedly recommended to my writing students. The exercises are useful and pertinent.”
Amazon reviewer





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