… ‘trickle-up’ economics for all we Authors…

…unless yer name’s Lee Child or ye’re that wee Rowling lassie, chances are, as a quill-scraper, yeez have more than a passing fascination with the Amazon Author’s Sales pages… and now the Great God Amazon has introduced these fancy-coloured squiggly graphs showing yer daily sales and the individual markets where good folks have seen fit to download yer masterpieces… ‘fess up time… this ol’ Jurassic initially clocked the sales figures no more than a thousand times a day, ‘way back when I first got hypnotised with the Kindle sales channels… thankfully, that exercise has tempered somewhat to looking at the numbers less than a hundred times daily… this scribbler has been more than blessed with readership support, with in excess of 80,000 sales/downloads across my three crime thriller titles in the Jack Calder series, and the SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES… however, that kinda surge is not sustainable (regardless of what my writer’s ego may think otherwise)… so, what constitutes ‘acceptable’ download levels now?… in my not so ‘umble opinion, even one single download is to be treasured… that emb’dy should think my efforts worthy of a read still blows my mind… better still, those who spend the time and effort to publish reviews on the Amazon pages is phenomenal to all of we scriveners… so, back to the aggregate sales… the old adage in cricket terms is ‘no need to hit sixes—hang around and get yer runs in ones and twos’… I also endorse the retail industry mantra… ’a lot of little makes a lot’ … and what more appropriate ‘Amazon’ corollary, than that even the mighty Amazon river begins as a mere trickle?… the political spin-merchants used to rabbit on about ‘trickle-down economics’ … for we Lads and Lassies in Blog Land, we can invert that… it’s ’trickle-up’ economics for we Authors… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!… here’s my ‘tricklers’ :

wall copy 2

Savage Payback                :   http://amzn.to/1oyHNah

Vengeance Wears Black :    http://amzn.to/W59BB3

The Violin Man’s Legacy:   http://amzn.to/10wnMXB





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12 responses to “… ‘trickle-up’ economics for all we Authors…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    Little fish are sweet. 🙂

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  2. That’s a healthy perspective, Seumas! Also helpful is to open our time horizon so that we don’t expect miracles at the outset but learn to appreciate the long view…

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  3. Ali Isaac

    ‘A lot of little makes a lot.’ … I like that Seumas, very true. I can only dream of 80, ooo downloads… sigh!!!

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  4. And even the tiniest little of Seumas is more than a huge lot of most other things… you rock, sir!

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  5. The important thing is to keep going….Smiling and writing. Thanks Seumas!

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