…reading the book before seeing the movie…

…I reckon most movie scriptwriters will tell yeez it’s difficult to capture on screen exactly an Author’s masterpiece… making films is a craft in and of itself… and all yeez good Lads and Lassies of Blog Land appreciate that sculpting a novel has its own myriad nuances, particularly in the use of language… almost by accident, I read first the book before watching my all-time favourite cinema trilogy, ‘The Godfather’ series…


…I’ve watched the movies too many times to count, but I marvel at how well the film reflects much of Mario Puzo’s monumental mafia saga… even so, the ‘backfill’ that I have from reading the novel first, gave me tons of unspoken insights to the on-screen behaviour of the various characters… having become conscious of that over the years, I rarely watch a lauded, adapted-from-novel, film version without first buying the book… and what depth and added enjoyment I’ve derived from doing that… ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, and ‘East of Eden’ from the pen of the maestro, John Steinbeck are only partially captured in the admittedly excellent movie versions…













…when all the hullabaloo was in full cry before the release of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series, I purchased Master Tolkien’s output first…

lord of the Rings

…similarly, prior to that wee Lassie Rowling’s offerings getting to the flicker-theatres, I devoured all of the ‘Harry Potter’ stuff…

harry potter

…and much the better the films appeared from knowing the characters so well before watching them… I also recall, ‘way back, the enormous pleasure from how well the director had traced Richard Llewellyn’s  ‘How Green Was My Valley’


…another outstanding tale, Umberto Eco’s  glorious ‘The Name of the Rose’ starring ol’ Lishhpy-Shhcottish-Burr himshhelf, Shhhhean Connery, is brilliantly processed on screen…

name of the rose

…so, next time any studio P.R. propaganda machine starts drumming up the ‘spin’ for a blockbuster movie, go get the book first… yeez’ll get better value that way… I’m sure yeez’ll think of many more of these that yeez liked yourselves… tell us about them…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…reading the book before seeing the movie…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    Reading a book is like making a movie in your mind Seumas. This is what then makes it difficult to watch the movie on screen. It’s a case of: ‘The lead bloke doesn’t look like that. Where’s so and so. What about……..?’ You’re right though, read the book first.

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  2. Time was that I spent the hour and a half or so of a movie comparing it to the book. The picture generally came off worse for the comparison. When I finally got pointed in the right direction and began using the books as complementary material for the movies it became so much more enjoyable. I always very strongly recommend reading the book first and letting it enhance the cinema experience.

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  3. …I think some film treatments are excellent entertainment, following the main thread of a book, but the nuances and wee things that make up ‘the business’ of writing are usually missing.. cheers. Jim 🙂

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  4. I agree wholeheartedly with you Seumas. I always read the book first. There’s so much background information contained in the book that a movie couldn’t possibly add. This way I get the best of both. By the way, The Godfather Series is also a favorite of mine!

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