…is Master Gallacher really that nuts?… or, how I nurture part of my SOSYAL NETWURK… #TBSU…


…I’ve been asked by a few SOSYAL NETWURK pals to share again what I’m up to with my loopy ‘Awards’ system… now, be warned, this should not be read alone at home, and certainly not without a safety net… it has long been surmised that I may have a few bats loose in my cerebral belfry… the following exposition may prove that to be the case… be that as it may, they say there’s often much method in one’s madness… and here’s mine… ever since clambering aboard the whirligig that constitutes the self-publishing universe a few years ago, I decided to embrace 100% the tenet that an author, independent scribbler or otherwise, is well-advised to be immersed in the SOSYAL NETWURKS… it’s a major part of being present and accounted for in our industry… I indulge several aspects of that, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Stumbleupon, and others, including this here Blog… on Twitter I found the mechanism of the ‘Friday Follows (FFs)’ a bit too ‘same-y’ week after week, and it seemed to my eyes merely a ‘get-numbers’ game for the sake of it… I wanted to try to differentiate a wee bit in terms of the quality of people I followed and who followed me back… hence, in lieu of the FFs, I begun listing the good folks who deigned to mention my name or tweet responses to me as human beings, not just ‘critical-mass-look-how-many-followers-I’ve-got,-Mama’ … this was done originally, and still is done daily, longhand on sheets I then type up as my list of ‘Awardees’… the list has grown like Popsi… I do cull it from time to time, when it’s apparent that some folks have chosen to drop away, and that’s their choice, NUTHIN wrong with that…now here’s the thing… my followers on Twitter currently total around 6,800… but the ’special’ list has over 1,000 names on it right now… I used to invent the ‘Awards’ every week, but with a thousand names, all typed in as bunched tweets of say, 9 names per bunch, yeez can see a less regular publishing is best… and even then I spread the re-typing over a few days, not all in one sitting as I did in the beginning… it’s time-consuming, but one of the most satisfactory processes I undertake on such a regular basis…why?… coz it gets me anywhere from 45%-65% replies on Twitter from these wunnerful Lads and Lassies of Blog Land every time I do a new ‘Award’… that’s 450 to 650 correspondent chums (and the respondees mix differs each time) to keep linked in with personally on a regular basis… I wouldn’t give it up for quids… I value every last name on the list … the current ‘Award’ is the ‘Thank U 4 U Award’… people seem to like them… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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20 responses to “…is Master Gallacher really that nuts?… or, how I nurture part of my SOSYAL NETWURK… #TBSU…

  1. Well Sur, t’is method behind the madness but t’is madness nontheless.
    Keep taking those tablets and I want you to lie down in a darkened room every night.

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  2. I’m glad to see from the photos included in your article, that you went from barking mad to become a fine figure of an ape Seumas 😀

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  3. At the rate you’re going Seumas you’ll have to give special awards every time somebody has reached a certain number of awards. I’ve had an idea! Maybe we should create a Loyalty followers system! I’m sure you’ve thought about that one already!

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    • ..that’s pretty much what my Awards are, Olga… some people have been on the list forever, since I started them… it’s also my own way of thanking people for being so close to me… and I think it serves as a better quality ‘Friday Follower’ mechanism for others to follow the names, knowing they are likely to be kindred spirits :):)


  4. Ali Isaac

    Wow I did not realise the effort you were going to with this! Thank you… you have mentioned my name a fair few times and its much appreciated! But can you just remind me… what does #TBSU stand for?

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    • TBSU means The Blog Scratchers Union… the idea is I scratch your blog and you scratch my blog we follow each other and support each other’s blogs …something I devised a while ago… grows blog following for pals ,pretty much like the Awards :):)


  5. laurie27wsmith

    That’s one good looking chimp there Seumas, you should hire him to do your texting, he has the look of the scholar about him. 🙂

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  6. Reblogged this on Year 'Round Thanksgiving Project and commented:
    Crazy or not, Seamus definitely has a handle on marketing.

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  7. Reblogged this on Observations of Life seen through autistic eyes by Andy Smith and commented:
    A very interesting way of doing awards from a great writer who I have been following for a while. hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  8. Cate Russell-Cole

    Aha! So that’s what you’ve been up to. I think anything innovative done on Twitter deserves a standing ovation (particularly when I am an awardee). We need to get past the same old, same old, badly so THANK YOU Sir Seumas… and I would like to thank my mum and my dad, and all my friends at the Academy… and the cats…

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    • …hI, Cate… hoe really good to see you active on the links again… I hope you’re feeling well… the stuff above, I started a couple of years back and it just grew into a combination of a labour of love, AND an important cog in my SOSYAL NETWURK machinations ..:):)


      • Cate Russell-Cole

        Gotta keep those cogs a turning! Still having major health problems Seumas, (you may have seen the posts on Facebook, the last few months have been hellish.) Gotta go back to work though, there was no more putting it off and I did miss everyone. Just not the admin or Twitter. Those I did not miss at all!

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    • ,,,well, it’s great just to see you back in virtual communication, m’Lady… LUVZ YA!

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