…a blast from the nasal past… bless yeez!… #TBSU…


…gird yerselves for possibly the most useless bits of trivia yeez’ll see anywhere on the Web today… I’ve never claimed to practise the pertinent-est pieces of prominent prime purveyance of wisdom… but were yeez aware that the human sneeze can reach wind speeds of 160 kilometres per hour?… that’s 100 miles per hour in old money… and did yeez also know that when yeez sneeze, yer heart instantaneously stops and restarts?… well, there’s a coupla scraps of information to kickstart yer ‘well-who’da-thunk-that?’ questions… there’s more… how often, if at all, has it occurred to yeez when sumb’dy has a noisy nasal blast and the response comes ‘Bless Yeez!’ what the provenance of that blessing?… it dates back to the mid 1600’s in Merrie England, which at the time was anything but Merrie… the Black Plague, more commonly know as the Bubonic Plague, was rampant, and people were falling like flies (more of that in a minute)…


…a major symptom of the Plague was the sneeze… and there being no widespread cure for the illness, death usually resulted in very short order, hence, the ‘Bless Yeez!’ bit… think also on this… the children’s nursery rhyme, ‘ring-a-ring of roses, a pocketful of posies’, dating back to that era reflects the same thing, ‘a-tishoo! a-tishoo! we all fall down!’… dangerous stuff, these kids ditties… makes yeez ponder on just how powerful yer skull can be… a container capable of delivering hurricane-force nostril-canyon-directed gusts stronger than yer average gale-force level winds… I’m thinking of having my proboscis patented… ‘The-Master-Gallacher-Gale-Gatherer’… got a nice wee breeze about it don’t yeez think?… yeez’ll have to excuse me now– I’m off for a few practice blows… where’s that heart-starter, Mabel?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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15 responses to “…a blast from the nasal past… bless yeez!… #TBSU…

  1. I always thought the “Bless you” was to stop any demon spirits taking over when your soul left your body during a sneeze 😀

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  2. NIce to learn the history of the sneeze and the blessing after. What an awful time – the plague – and may we all prevent another one that’s lurking around the corner! Oh, excuse me, I have to sneeze. Ahhhh CHOO!


  3. Moritz

    Hi Seamus, i See You moved from Beach to Etihad… Shame…;)
    And another book out? Wow. Will buy it now.

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    • …hi, Moritz… good to se you on here, that man… I moved across to live in the Towers, hence the shift in writing den!… now shuttling between Abu Dhabi and Bahrain on some project work … the third book, SAVAGE PAYBACK is doing well, and can only be acquired via Amazon Kindle (if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app on any device and then purchase through that route) where are you these days?

      regards seumas


  4. Gesundheit three times…just in case.

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  5. laurie27wsmith

    The sad thing is Seumas, those plagues are still here, lurking, waiting. I read where it appeared in central Europe and Britain in a period of a few days. They believe it might have been spread by birds. Of course then it did its bit via sneezing. Nasty!. Oh, talking about nursery rhymes, did you know Humpty Dumpty was actually a canon used by Charles the firsts men in the civil war? It was one of those mortar types so it was quite bulbous and heavy. it fell off the fort wall during a sorty and of course all the kings horses and all the kings men………..

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