…they just don’t produce ‘em like this anymore… the ultimate entertainer… Sammy Davis Jr… #TBSU…


…now, hear me out for a minute, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… I’m not suggesting for a nanosecond that’s there’s no entertainment talent around the planet nowadays… and maybe it’s coz I’m kinda slipping into that ‘it-wasn’t-like-that-in-my-day’ period of my life… but I find it difficult, if not well nigh impossible, to tune in to much of what passes for current vocal music… p’raps it’s the deluge of reality shows that pander to the least-common-intelligence-denominator… or the nonsense that passes for televised news—the eternal three minute loops of sum’thing captured on a mobile phone in downtown crimesville… repeated ad-inforever-um, squeezed between the competition for the most inane advertisements on yer TV screens… back then, there were men and women who prided themselves in the quality of their performances on stage, in front of live theatre audiences… not what they did in front of the paparazzi in some desperate attempt to garner some salacious space in the broadsheets across the WURLD… a 5 foot 5 inch giant among these icons of yesteryear was the remarkable Sammy Davis Jr… the intensity of his presence in the spotlight was sum’thing to behold… and although he was part of the famous Hollywood Rat Pack, he really performed best solo… I liked everything the man did… his carriage, his humour, his sense of drama in the way he held a live audience… a great pro… just have another wee listen to this majestic rendering of his classic, Mister Bojangles… he gave this performance only a year before he died in 1990… click on below here… and I’ll defy emb’dy to tell me there’s anyone around to today with better stagecraft… enjoy… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…they just don’t produce ‘em like this anymore… the ultimate entertainer… Sammy Davis Jr… #TBSU…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    I think incomparable is the word to describe the man Seumas, a great entertainer.

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