…the King of Laughter is dead… long live the King… R.I.P. Robin Williams…


…It’s not given to many of us to be regarded as a person about whom nobody thinks anything other than ‘what a wonderful human being’Robin Williams owned that billing, and has done for decades… many of us utilise humour as a defence against the various demons we face from time to time… for most, that’s sufficient… for others, sadly as we know, that armament fails… the irony is that very few people have consistently brought humour and light to hundreds of millions through a career of dazzling genius in the way that Robin did… and yet, in the end, that same talent was unable to work its magic on the man himself… the records will demonstrate clearly the many such purveyors of comedy who also found the only recourse was to take their own lives… the brilliant British situation-comedy actor, Tony Hancock, is another who comes to mind… most of yeez will remember others… but, here’s the thing… I’ll bet yeez everyone of them would have wanted the show to go on… humour shouldn’t stop when their own curtain comes down… of course, we grieve… we wouldn’t be human ourselves if we did not… yet, presently, the SOSYAL NETWURKS are also crammed with clips of Robin’s past funny masterpieces… we weep at his passing, and simultaneously laugh and relive the joy in the wonderful entertainment he provided… his monologues… his nutty ad libs… the matchless facial expressions which in themselves spoke volumes… he is being labelled a genius, but sum’times even that WURD doesn’t fully encompass the truth of it… he was a one-off… the ultimate entertainer… part of his legacy, we hope, may be a raised understanding of the illness that he did share with millions… severe depression… we loved you then, Robin… we love you now, Robin… we will always love you, Robin… the King of Laughter is dead… long live the King… R.I.P. Robin Williams…



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22 responses to “…the King of Laughter is dead… long live the King… R.I.P. Robin Williams…

  1. such a sad, sad loss

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  2. Well done Seumas. Unlike nearly everyone I know, I am not retweeting, blogging nor Facebooking this tragic ending. This is my choice. I feel there is enough out there now. I prefer to just read his wonderful tributes like this one.

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  3. Robin was truly a one-of-a-kind man. I’m fortunate enough to live in the town where he lived. While I walked on the path, he flew by me many times on his bike, smiling yet concentrating on his speed and mastery of staying on the road. I think he needed to concentrate on that a lot – staying on the road – and yesterday, he lost his struggle.

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  4. What Lockie said. Thank you, Seumas, for writing what was in my heart that I wished to say. There will never be another Robin Williams, but we can be thankful he left behind such a great legacy for us to continue enjoying.

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  5. Well said, very well said! Thanks

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  6. Another real loss. So sad.

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  7. Such sad news. I’ll never forget him in Mrs. Doubtfire, and Dead Poets Society. Such talent.

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  8. So, so sad that he committed suicide, really sad. He could act too. The film of his that I loved above all others was the one he did with Leonardo Capricio I can’t remember what it’s called but it was unbelievably poignant.



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  9. laurie27wsmith

    Well put Seumas, we’re a little better for having him in our lives via movies and TV.

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