…there’s sum’thing mystical in Celtic music… here’s the daft ol’ Jurassic jamming to ‘She Moved Through The Fair’… #TBSU…


…in a month or so, I’ll be taking a ‘Bucket List’  type of journey from where I am currently in the Middle East, back to Tobermory on the Hebridean Island of Mull in Scotland… where I first set foot on the place fifty years ago this year as a young bank clerk… some of yeez will know already, that while there, the hauntingly beautiful Gaelic music became part of my life there… two native Celtic-speaking ladies taught me enough of the language and the music to compete successfully and win medals in the local and national music festival competitions known as the Mod… all in their native tongue… about eight years or so ago, I revisited the place and donated a silver quaich as a perpetual annual prize in the Learners Division, where I began…my visit will coincide with this year’s Mod Festival competitions, and I’ll be able to present personally the Seumas Gallacher Quaich to this year’s winner… what a buzz! …I also want to sing again a couple of songs with old friends with whom all these years ago, I used to do ceilidh ‘turns’ and have them recorded… as a wee bit of practice, I’m tuning up with other pieces I’m glad to see available on YouTube… this piece attached is in English, but is a Celtic classic none-the-less… if yeez listen closely yeez can make out my crackly bits of ‘jamming’ in concert with the male voice there… the instrumental backing is amazingly haunting…I LUV it… hope yeez enjoy the listen… see yeez later … LUV YEEZ!… click on here for the music:



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9 responses to “…there’s sum’thing mystical in Celtic music… here’s the daft ol’ Jurassic jamming to ‘She Moved Through The Fair’… #TBSU…

  1. Thank you so very much, Seumas, for sharing this. I have tender tears and chill bumps for the haunting beauty of it all. Your voice tends well to the toon and words. Thank you. I believe you will enjoy your return visit “home.” Blessings. ~ Virginia Lee

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  2. Well enough there Seumas, your voice retains all the softness of the Gael and the music as you say was beautifully haunting but you could see that you sang to a version this chap didn’t for his timing was a bit slower than yours in parts.Carried together I think we’d be buying CD’s today.
    Maybe I’ll have you singing my favourite next, The Rape of Glencoe, O’ Cruel was the snow………
    All the best to you.

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  3. laurie27wsmith

    Sadly Seumas your music wouldn’t play. My voice has ben called haunting but I think it’s more to do with sounds from the crypt. 😦

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  4. This is one of my favourite songs. Well, it was…:)


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