…have yeez Gno-omes to go to?…#TBSU…


…I’m certain it’s part of the British DNA, or even more, specifically, the English DNA… queuing up… I posted recently my near-starting-the-Third-World-War incident for calling out a queue-jumper in the local bank the other day… pile that on top of the brainless nutters who either can’t read nor count at the ’10-items-or-less-and-cash-only’ checkouts at yer neighbourhood supermarkets… and yeez’ll get the sense that I subscribe to the ‘thou-shalt-not-cut-into-the line’ Law of Behaviour… some years ago, as a raw trainee banker, I lived in a boarding house in London, along with about half a dozen other wannabee Financial Masters of the Universe … part of the apprenticeship seemed to be the group excursions on Friday evenings to the pub… replacing any sort of sensibility and operational brain cells with alcohol… the influence of the electric soup was extraordinary… on occasions it led to a communal belief that a series of Garden Gnome statues, many of which up until that time had gnomed away quietly in various private horticultural corners of that part of London’s suburban district of Beckenham, were better off employed as a line up at the bus stop near where we lived… imagine our delight the next morning, hungover admittedly, on observing the queue of gnomes still steadfastly in situ, waiting the arrival of the number 23 bus to Bromley… but better yet, several people attending the same bus arrival, queued in line after the last gnome… I posit that it would only happen in England… where it’s said an Englishman is possibly the only creature on the planet who, finding himself alone at a bus stop, will immediately form an orderly queue of one… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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6 responses to “…have yeez Gno-omes to go to?…#TBSU…

  1. Who knows? Perhaps you and your mates did the gardeners of Beckenham a favor. Perhaps the gnomes all had been “white elephant” gifts, and when they disappeared, their former victims assembled to thank God, on bended knee, that at last they’d been delivered from tyranny.

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  2. Fantastic! I’ve seen cars stopping behind parked cars sometimes believing it to be a queue.


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