…waiting for the Godot Agent/Publisher… TBSU…

…another of my wee chestnuts to share today with yeez… I’ve blogged on this before, but it’s been a while since the last time, so time to freshen it up… I’m not 100% convinced that I’d be any better off in real terms with a formal Agent or Publisher relationship (what a strange WURD it seems to me, to use in this context, ‘relationship’…p’raps ‘arrangement’ suits better?)… however, I don’t like to give up completely on anything until I test it myself… having just bored yeez all silly with the recent five-day Amazon Kindle Promo for my most recent Jack Calder crime thriller, SAVAGE PAYBACK, it may well be worth a ponder… from a standing start, with no paid promotional activity (all my own WURK, Mabel), the downloads for the promo hit a tad above 6,000… so, comes again my perpetual question, ‘if all these good folks wanna download and read it, why isn’t it attracting the aforementioned invisible Agent/Publisher creatures?’ … let me remind yeez of my last blurb on this, coz some of yeez may be experiencing sum’thing similar… my pitch covered what I’m reliably led to understand are all the elements that these possibility extinct industry persons like to see in a potential new author signing… the blurb:

‘… yeez know me by now, I’m not one who generally wants to cause any trouble for anyone… no, seriously, I’m not… but I think I may have just had a  flash of the blindingly obvious… this ol’ Jurassic has spent approximately 88.88 % of my WURKING career in real-life business… then I allowed myself to be seduced into the hypnotic WURLD of independent self-publishing… the miracle of Amazon Kindle and the SOSYAL NETWURKIN universe still feeds that powerful growing addiction to quill-scraping and the whole nine yards of building the platform... like tons of other wannabee Steinbecks and Rowlings out there, I did the query letter/synopsis/sample-chapters/follow-the-submission-guidelines rigmarole … and as with so many other Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, that entire effort has produced from the ranks of willing Agents and Publishers precisely NUTHIN… many of yeez who honour me by reading my diatribes occasionally will know that my life-long hero is the redoubtable Sir Winston Spencer Churchill… he of the ’never, ever give up’ filosofie... now, here’s the epiphany … it’s about high bluudy time that some of the other side get taken to task on this …. if they want the business of a decent author, p’raps they should be the ones to proffer a query letter and demonstrate their credentials as to why I should give them my business… daft? … no, Mabel, I’m not so sure I am… let me list what is on offer from my side:

1. in two and a half years, from a standing start, with less than zero computer-competency, my books have now downloaded 80,000+ times (I can assure you these are not all bought by my Grannie, Aunties and Uncles…) —COMMERCIAL SALE-ABILITY

2. in the same two and a half years, from a nil-knowledge base of the SOSYAL NETWURKIN universe, I’ve created 17,500+ DIRECT contacts through Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn other channels, and this here Blog.—ROBUST PLATFORM ALREADY BUILT

3. with three Jack Calder novels under my literary belt, I’m reliably informed that I’ve now created a franchise of characters that readers LUV to see—CONTINUED POTENTIAL EARNINGS FOR AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS

4. I’ve self-published paperbacks in the country of my residence, the United Arab Emirates, (including clearing the National Media Council publishing criteria) and negotiated personally to place them in the major book distributor chains in the country —PUBLICITY DRIVE AND COMMERCIAL STAMINA

5. I personally visited and had five-star hotel lobby shops carry the paperbacks for sale— MORE PUBLICITY DRIVE

6. I continue to engage in extensive speaking engagements in readers’ book clubs, and social groups about writing and self-publishing—AUTHOR PRESENCE AND COMMITMENT

7. I’ve held well-attended book launches for each of the first two titles —EVEN MORE PUBLICITY DRIVE

…so, the question is — are any of YOU Agents and Publishers good enough to carry MY stuff?… I will wait with interest any response… but will not bate my breath in the process…


…let’s see if the response is any different this time! …see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

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26 responses to “…waiting for the Godot Agent/Publisher… TBSU…

  1. I am kind of surprised that you haven’t been picked up.

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    • …with all false modesty aside, it kinda surprises me a little, too… all the supposed elements have been in place for well over year… I can hardly think that 80,000 readers are all wrong … or that I don’t have a foot in the ‘market ‘ or ‘genre’… however, I truthfully think I may NOT be as well served by one of these creatures , other than a mega-hit global deal…:):):) LUV YA! :):)


  2. I can appreciate what you’re saying here, Seumas, but my question to you is … after all the hard work you’ve already accomplished in establishing yourself and achieving so much with your writing and promotion in such a short time, why would you want to share this success with someone to whom you’d simply be an income generator? Better to hold out for the right person who truly believes in you and your writing, in your stories, and has the vision (and not just the connections) on how you can become even more successful. You may need to clone yourself in order to find that perfect person.

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    • …correct,Susan, in that I would not jump at just any old suitor(ess) from the trade.. it would clearly have to be a pairing that carried my work significantly further and deeper that my own efforts currently create… from the outset, I’ve approached the non-writing side as my ‘business of writing’… business partnerships have to benefit both sides otherwise they will not prosper for long… cheers , and thanks for your valued input, as ever:)


  3. Reblogged this on Author P.S. Bartlett and commented:
    I’d love to hear about the book store negotiations as well as those five star hotels. You always give great advice through your own experiences Seumas. Thank you.

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise! and commented:
    Now HERE is a good tactic AND a great guideline for anyone who wants to take the same stance – LIST YOUR CREDENTIALS!!!!! 😀

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  5. Not to mention the fact that as an independent publisher you get to hold onto 70% of the cover price at least after expenses. Even more if you have your own website for sales – Instead you would be lucky to see 10% of the cover price on a printed book after any advance has been recouped and barely more on the E-versions. In publishing terms you are officially a best selling author – you don’t need an agent or publisher to take your money to tell you that!!

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    • ..all your commentary is bang on the nail, m’Lady… that’s why I’d be looking to see what additive value anyone could bring,,, also bearing in mind the lead times to get to the readership, plus the yielding up of any controls etc… all part of the thought process… the entire BUSINESS has to be right 🙂


    • ….nothing would delight me more, m’Lady… but for all my delving and plodding through agencies , I’m still none the wiser as to where to locate specifically such a gem of a person who does that stuff … (Dumbo me, still, in many aspects to this ! )… LUV YA! appreciate your thinking of this for me 🙂


  6. You’ve sort of cut your own throat with your success Seumas. A friend recently had a letter from a publisher who said they wouldn’t consider a book that had alreadt been published as they had no idea how many had been given away with promotions thus cutting their customer base.
    Knowing how long they can take from accepting a book to actually publishing could be quite hard on someone who relies on sales as a second income too.As Sally says, there’s more money in self publishing with you already having earned more than you would for the same number of sales with an agent/publisher.


    • ..all fair points, David, but I’d like to think theirs a lot more future mileage in the story tank fro the franchise nature of jack calder books :):) I think the toughest bit for me would be giving away the CONTROL i have over much of what I do, not just the writing, but the SOSYAL NETWURK stuff, which I enjoy so much 🙂


  7. Seamus, this is a wonderful post. In fact, let me spell that the way you would: it’s WUNdrful.
    Congrats, congrats. On everything you’ve done, from writing books people want to read, to undertaking the work on various platforms to bring your books to readers’ attention…. to issuing this challenge.

    I can well understand that after writing three books, and doing all of this, it would be a real relief to have someone else handle that part of the work, allowing you to focus on writing the books. You’d still have to do a lot of promotional work – that’s how it works these days – but it would be great to not have to do it all.
    Terrific post.


  8. Right on! (and write on, of course). This is a terrific post, and I agree with those who commented before me. You probably have done more (and better) than an agent could do for you. Except – bring you to the major publishers (those who publish Grisham, for instance) and get a movie going too.

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  9. Ali Isaac

    Good for you and well said! Your star is rising and you worked hard to get it there.

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  10. laurie27wsmith

    You’ll be ‘discovered’ after you leave this mortal coil Seumas. 🙂


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