…another wee glimpse of a Celtic past in the Scottish Hebrides… #TBSU…

…a couple months or so ago, I posted a blog piece about my time as a teenager, employed as a trainee banker in Tobermory, a township with less than a thousand souls, nestled at the edge of the beautiful Tobermory Bay on the Scottish Hebridean Island of Mull…




…many of yeez have asked for a few more snippets of what it was like living there… and I must confess, when I sit back and think of these days, I yearn for them more and more… folks had time to talk with each other…emb’dy remember what that was like?… the internet and SOSYAL NETWURKIN was a thing of the far-distant future… the stuff of H.G.Wells-type novels… what sticks with me most clearly are the mem’ries of people… every one a character… every one a real personality…. Gaelic music sat at the heart of the informal house ceilidhs, or gatherings at home with neighbours and friends… from that day forward Celtic music has been tangled round my heart, it never fails to pull me toward the nostalgia of a time a mere fifty years ago… I put on here a wee while ago the beautiful ‘Ubhal As Airde’ (the Highest Apple) by Runrig… the video that comes with it is as poignantly stirring to me as the music… here it is again;

…the reason I play it again is that it reminds me so vividly of one old ‘bodeach’ (older man) singing an old gaelic tune in a house ceilidh one evening… his eyes were kinda half-closed… the voice strong for a man of such vintage… but yeez could hear and yeez could feel the timbre as he sang… his soul was singing to us… everybody present took up the chorus… half love song, half a lament for past times…haunting… it was among the most engrossing song renditions I have ever heard… if yeez click on the video, yeez’ll get some idea of what I mean… so yeez will have to forgive me if I indulge this stuff every now and then…  if we have no real sense and love of some of the beautiful things of our past, then I think we have no real future to pass on to our children, nor they to theirs… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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13 responses to “…another wee glimpse of a Celtic past in the Scottish Hebrides… #TBSU…

  1. Indulge away Seumas. The thing with traditional folk music is that it’s always sung with feeling and that pulls the audience in. I remember a duo I used to see a lot who would oblige me with The ‘Rape of Glencoe’ whenever I was there. Not in the Gaelic maybe but all the feeling was there and it had the ability to move the soul. Maybe that’s another thing that keeps me deeply rooted here, it’s Celtic and people understand as they do in Scotland the deep pull of the place, the language , the people..

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  2. laurie27wsmith

    What a beautiful piece of music Seumas, couldn’t understand a word but felt the passion in it.

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  3. newromantics4

    Seumas, as you can imagine I am a great fan of Run Rig and have all their CD’s. They even braved performing in front of sassanachs in LEICESTER a few years ago and I went along to see them. Magic! Cooincidently, in my WIP the heroine sings Suabhan Arbhair on open mike night at the local pub. That is when the hero falls in love with her . . . and who could blame him. Can’t include the lyrics, sadly, but can paraphrase their meaning to my readers: SHEAVES OF CORN. Here’s a link to the YouTube video (hope it works)

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  4. newromantics4

    Reblogged this on Lizzie Lamb and commented:
    A great post to save for my research for Scotch on the Rocks. Thanks, Seumas.

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  5. Reblogged this on AnitaJayDawes and commented:
    memories are lovely things, to be cherished and shared…

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  6. Children's Author Caz Greenham

    Beautiful. Looking forward to more. Thankyou for sharing young man. Caz

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