…Awesome Amazon Australia… simply Awesome!… TBSU…

…when yeez have been at the self-publishing independent scribbler bit for a wee while, yeez kinda expect the ‘firsts’ to recede… not so, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… how unforgettable is the very first time yeez type or write the WURDS ‘The End’ on yer masterpiece… I can’t speak for emb’dy else, but it took me more than a week to come down off the pink cloud I nearly floated away on… happily, the exhilaration repeated in getting to the finales of subsequent novels… then there’s the very first sale yeez make on Amazon… it may well be yer Granny who downloaded it… but there yeez sit—a published, purchased author… grand isn’t it?… following that, the very first review that gets loaded onto yer pages on Kindle… hopefully at least a four-star, coz for the first wee while, these reviews seem to matter… until yeez learn to take the roughs with the smooths and coat them all in a healthy dose of salt… then, after a while, don’t discount the splendid feeling the very first time sumb’dy asks yeez to sign a copy of yer wee literary baby… or the very first time yeez get asked to speak in front of an audience as ‘an author’… if yeez are Kindle Select Program practitioners, the temptation prevails to launch yer first ever Kindle Free Giveaways… the freebies still count as sales by the way, and it means watching for the very first time as copies go flying off, theoretically into the hands of future readers of yer WURKS… I’ve done several of these Freebie programs now, and the excitement never palls of knowing people are downloading yer stuff… and it’s all over the WURLD and many other places… here’s another coupla firsts, this time around… I shared yesterday that Amazon Japan saw fit to house their first ever download for me… but today, more goodies… Amazon Australia seems to have found its antipodean feet… my downloads growth there is mega-multiples of their first ever time around… bring on Amazons India, Mexico and Brazil… JUST LUVVIN IT!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!






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13 responses to “…Awesome Amazon Australia… simply Awesome!… TBSU…

  1. It’s wonderful to see your increasing success and it’s well deserved. Your posts are witty and amusing too.


  2. You are such a bluddy show off—go write a flop next time, will yah?


  3. Ali Isaac



  4. laurie27wsmith

    ‘He sells in a land down under.’


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  6. newromantics4

    I’m hoping to be in double figures there, soon. The appeal of Men in Kilts is universal. Who knew?

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