…as the man with the wooden leg said, ‘it’s a matter of a pinion’… how to sell yer books… #TBSU…

…if yeez see a bunch of ten guys in a bar discussing any sport yeez choose, chances are there’ll be ten different opinions on whatever the issue at hand… go to a coffee morning clutch with a dozen ladies talking about the previous night’s television soap opera episode… same thing—twelve varying points of view… it’s human nature… agreeing, disagreeing, agreeing to disagree… it’s part of what makes us tick… one of the most common everyday phrases surely must be, ‘whaddya think?’… invitations galore every day to cast yer slant on stuff… and when it comes down to we quill-scrapers, believe it or not, we follow the same human pattern… as many scribes as yeez talk to about a specific subject, the likelihood is the same divergence of opinion materialises… if yeez need any convincing of that, let me point yeez toward sum’thing I’ve picked up on recently… a flurry of authors, some newbies, some older-ies… asking the eternal grail question… ‘how to maximise using SOSYAL NETWURKIN to help sell yer masterpieces?’… many of yeez will know it’s a subject dear to my heart… I carp on about it on here ad infin-everum… truth is, there is no single silver bullet answer to the question, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… for the plain and simple reason that united as we are as scribblers, we are all individuals… we each have our personal approach to stuff like this (and indeed, to any other stuff)… so, when this ol’ Jurassic notes, as of late, some marketing and promotional ‘gurus’ quoting yeez ‘must’ do this, or yeez ‘must’ do that, I cry ‘BORROX, and DOUBLE-BORROX!’… a plague upon yer publishing houses… when yeez strip it all away, yeez will try several methods until yeez find the combination that WURKS for yerself… how does all that stack up against the fact that I authored SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES?… doesn’t that make me a hypocrite?… No!, Mabel.. a resounding No!… what I published and make it clear is what WURKED for me… if it happens to WURK for any of yeez else, too, that’s a bonus and a source of immense pleasure to me… yeez’ll find the link below… ye’re welcome!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!







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6 responses to “…as the man with the wooden leg said, ‘it’s a matter of a pinion’… how to sell yer books… #TBSU…

  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise! and commented:
    Words of Wisdom – especially about marketing gurus 😀


  2. I’m going to borrow ‘borrix’!


  3. I am almost overwhelmed by the number of blogs I read. The trouble is, I love a blether. And I have noticed that the more chatting I do, the more visits my blog has. So I think it’s probably a plan to witter away to people on line for an hour or so a day.




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