…if yeez are of a squeamish nature, or easily frightened, read on no further… #TBSU…


…granted, I come from the nation that gave yeez ‘Braveheart’… but this ol’ Jurassic lays no claim to possessing fortitude and courage in great quantity… I’m even scared to watch cartoons like Little Red Riding Hood and, (yipes!), the Big Bad Wolf, let alone the Govan Jigsaw Massacre… up until now, my bravest act was possibly jumping into the kids paddling pool when I was six, wearing only one water-wing floating band instead of two… (sum’times, there’s just no holding me back, Mabel)… I know, I know, I know, there’s folks who do the ‘really-out-there’ stuff like climbing Everest, even during the football season, and missing watching matches on television… then there’s the candidates for Craziest Death-Wish awards who indulge the X-Sports, such as thinking a motorcycle is actually a flying machine to carry them over a squillion burning lorries and such… but all things are comparative… I think a wee warning right here is appropriate… if yeez are of a squeamish nature, or easily frightened, read on no further… this is parlous territory… yesterday, I attempted sum’thing that caused no end of personal heart flutters, but do it I did… I left my usual writing area and proceeded to the washroom… a fairly simple exercise, yeez may think… but…but…but… I left my Blackberry behind on the scribbling table!!!! …for all of at least five minutes, I was separated from the device… the distance must be all of at least ten yards… BUT I WENT TO THE WASHROOM WITHOUT MY BLACKBERRY MOBILE PHONE!!! … I must ‘fess up… there were a few beads of sweat on the furrowed brow… but I resisted the urge to go back and pick it up… if the bluudy thing had ‘pinged’ while I was away, I’m not sure how I would have handled that, but we’re made of tough stuff from the Glasgow Docklands…


…so, if Buckingham Palace is considering a new classification of Honours, I ’umbly furnish my name for the initial recipient of the ‘Not-Scared-To-Leave-His Mobile-Phone-Behind’ medal… see yeez later, got a coupla hundred Blackberry messages to download… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…if yeez are of a squeamish nature, or easily frightened, read on no further… #TBSU…

  1. You’re a braver man than me Gunga Din.


  2. …aye, that’s me.. to boldly retreat where no-one has retreated before :::..


  3. Oh, Seumas, this made me laugh so hard. I guess we all know that feeling. @v@


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