… ‘To Weep Is Not A Shame’… for all those with unspoken personal inner conflicts… #TBSU…

…if yeez’ll bear with me today, and allow a wee post with less levity than my normal offerings… my recurrent chestnut is worth a shine… everyone, yes, everyone, yeez meet is fighting some sort of battle yeez know NUTHIN about… be kind, always… I’ve quoted it several times during the last year, and I have a reason this afternoon for repeating it, having seen at close hand the mental turmoil in the face of someone I don’t even know… it casts me back some twelve years when I was in Manila in the Philippines, a country with more than its share of hardship… at the time I was having lunch in a seafood restaurant near my workplace… the serving waitress, a lovely-faced lady, probably in her mid-thirties, took the order from myself and my colleagues… without staring at her, I realised her eyes carried the weight of the WURLD… darkish marks above her cheeks revealed that recently there had been lot of crying… it would have been downright embarrassing for her if I had tried to broach the matter with her, but it stuck in my head… when I returned to my office after the meal, I penned the following and said a silent prayer for her well-being… I‘ve no idea of knowing if that ever helped her, but it certainly made me feel as if I had at least tried to contribute partly to ease her burden… I’m not a religious man, but I am a ‘believer’ in a Power Higher than myself… I’m sure that good thoughts can help make a difference… imagine if we all did it together… oh, but hey, that’s not original is it? enjoy yer day… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



The smile upon your face

I thought extremely brave

For the shadows in your eyes

Are trying tears to save.


Whatever sadness lurks therein

From whatever source it came

Set it free and cry my dear

To weep is not a shame.


The world is full of trials

That each of us must face

I’ve seldom seen it carried

Like you—with so much grace.


The darkness round your heart

I trust will move away

Although you do not know me

For you—today I pray.


For you are just the same as I

And everyone around

Your face deserves to smile

And not be creased or frowned.


I hope these thoughts of mine

Can clear your darkened frame

Set it free and cry my dear

To weep is not a shame.



Manila, Philippines

November 15, 2002




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15 responses to “… ‘To Weep Is Not A Shame’… for all those with unspoken personal inner conflicts… #TBSU…

  1. I know that you mean this – I’ve been on the receiving end. Religious or not – bless you, dear man.


  2. This is very true and a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it.




  3. This story and poem was so lovely, Seumus! How sweet of you to say a little prayer for her. You are a very dear man! @v@


  4. The kindness of strangers. Lovely sentiment and poem Seumas.


  5. When it comes to ‘Here be Dragons’ we can point to you and say “But here lies a heart of Gold.”


  6. They say that if there is a higher power, then why is there so much turmoil in the world? I say, perhaps if we speak or write words that inspire, perhaps we can save ourselves, and leave the rest of the world to unearthly beings. Your words may never have reached the intended listener, but they never the less have made a difference. Just look at the responses.


  7. How much kinder the world, when we allow our hearts to be touched by what we sense in others. Well done.


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