…Ramadan Kareem… what business slowdown during the Holy Month?… not a bit of it… just re-timing… #TBSU…


…many of yeez who are unfamiliar with the Holy Month of Ramadan have asked me a question or two… such as, ‘how does business get affected?’… in essence of course, the Holy Month is precisely what it says, and all practicing Muslims adhere to the tenets involved, including fasting during daylight hours… in these hot summer months, that can be particularly arduous, and exceptions are made, sensibly, for people who are, for example, pregnant or ill, or travelling long distances… but business still goes on… it merely means some rearranging of the operational hours… commerce, such as banking, grocery shopping, restaurants and the like shorten the WURK hours during daylight, then extend into the evening and wee small hours… the Iftar meal (the breaking fast) occurs as the day light fades each day… it is a signal for small, large, and great gatherings with friends, families, WURK and business associates… let me exemplify it for yeez…


…here in Abu Dhabi, near where I live, the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel and the adjacent Avenue at Etihad Towers shopping precinct, both five-star areas in emb’dy’s language, resemble Sleepy Hollow for the mornings and afternoons… but come Iftar time, and later, witness a total transformation… the hotel embraces literally thousands of sit-down guests to the Iftar meal on a nightly basis, whilst the Avenue precinct bustles and thrives…

Avenue_Blog Image

…truly the difference between day and night… as an expatriate in this society, of course, this ol’ Jurassic is expected to observe the protocol and culture… I do not overtly eat or drink in public… but am able to do so in my own private quarters… as to transactional business in the banks and other institutions, I was told when I arrived in Abu Dhabi ten years ago to expect little or no activity during Ramadan… the opposite in fact proved to be the case… so, what business slowdown during the Holy Month?… not a bit of it… just re-timing… to all my friends of whatever faith, let me wish yeez all ‘Ramadan Kareem’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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4 responses to “…Ramadan Kareem… what business slowdown during the Holy Month?… not a bit of it… just re-timing… #TBSU…

  1. Learn something new every day! Thank you, Sir!


  2. laurie27wsmith

    Had a couple of Lebanese drug dealers in jail and they decided to get on the whole halal meat, Ramadan thing, (they weren’t particularly religious prior to coming in) and wanted their meals specially prepared for them. This was one big con job, I caught them out stuffing their faces on chocolates and ham sandwiches in their slot. The cook was very happy to get off night shift. 🙂


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