…look what they’ve done to The Beautiful Game, Ma… #TBSU…

…I’m at severe risk of being labelled ‘old-fashioned’ with my views in this particular post, but hey, I’m well past the age for caring about such compliments… more years ago than is decent to remember, this ol’ Jurassic actually played professional football in the then Scottish First Division (now the Scottish Premier Division)… I LUV the game with a passion when it’s played the way it’s supposed to be played… it’s a hard, fast, contact sport with tons of skill and teamwork… today’s batch of the very best of the breed of players can stand reasonable comparison with the guys I used to watch decades ago… Dave Mackay, Chopper Ron Harris, Billy Bremner, Norman Hunter, Tommy Smith, were all acknowledged as excellent practitioners of the ‘thou-shalt-not pass’ brigade… but they were ‘tough’ men, not ‘dirty’

mackay and bremner



Dave Mackay and Billy Bremner having a ‘friendly’ discussion on the finer points of football… hunter


…and Norman Hunter, another ‘persuader’ on the pitch…



….the ‘football dribbling’ geniuses and flying wingers were led by Georgie Best, Kevin Keegan, Denis Law, Chris Waddle, Paul Gascoigne, and dozens of others, too numerous to mention… yeez’ll all have yer favourites if yeez were around in those days… but seldom did yeez observe these ‘flyers’ crumple to the turf at the merest touch or tackle…





…the incomparable footballing genius, Georgie Best… they really haven’t found one better than him yet …


…one of his playing partners, another incredibly gifted goal-scorer, Denis Law…  law




…but now, just look what they’ve done to The Beautiful Game, Ma… granted, the nasty stuff’s been building for many years but notably, the more I watch the current WURLD Cup matches, the less I like what I see… Cynicism, Petulance, Cheating… blatant body-checking and hacking down of players… the talking heads on television call it ‘taking one (a yellow card booking) for the team’ as if that condones the thuggery… to my mind, it’s downright cheating… and the automatic ranting at the referee when the official gives any decision whatsoever against  them… yeez don’t see that at the highest levels in Rugby… and that sport’s a great deal more physical than football will ever be… other nonsense, the real sickness in the game, is the prima donna ballerinas who collapse in apparent agony, clutching their faces, when all they may have received was a tap on the shoulder… add in the waving of imaginary cards at the referee when an opponent tackles them, trying to get a man sent off… the stealing of up to twenty yards at throw-ins… the blocking of a free-kick until yer mates are lined up to defend it, without immediately retreating the required ten yards… it really isn’t the same Beautiful Game any more… ah, Mabel, I think they call it progress’… well they can stick their ‘progress’ where the Brazilian sun don’t shine… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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14 responses to “…look what they’ve done to The Beautiful Game, Ma… #TBSU…

  1. Not old-fashioned at all. You simply, like me, enjoy games played with decency and skill. If that’s old-fashioned, then bring it on!


  2. With you 100%, Sir. Here’s hoping Rugby doesn’t go down that road and that hockey doesn’t travel any further on the pimrose path. (Just where is the primrose path and where does it go to? Has anyone ever seen pictures?) I’d hate to see the last of the gentlemen sportsmen (and ladies) with good manners and fair play go the way of the dodo…


  3. MM Jaye

    I hear you Seumas! What I find most shameful is the display of betting companies’ logos as the main sponsors on team uniforms. I mean if these companies support a team how can anything be “clean” anymore? Speaking about the past though I can’t but remember Harald Schumacher’s unpunished hit on Patrick Battiston in the 1982 Germany-France semis. This spawned so many stories. I was in my early teens then but a huge football fan, and this incident struck a cord.

    Anyway, Greece made us proud in this World Cup and being immersed in a crippling recession for the past five years, it was a breather…

    Greetings from Athens!
    Maria (MM Jaye)


  4. Haha! I think the waving of the imaginary cards at the referee is funny at best! Like they really think the ref is going to capitulate.

    By the way, I thought we always traditionally cursed the ref when the decision went against us. I vividly remember people shouting “Ref! You blind!” and perhaps some other choice words back in the day.

    Good post!


  5. I’m fairly new at watching football. This is my second World Cup. I always hated American football back home and didn’t expect to like this game any better. But, I do! I mostly enjoy the matches. Whilst watching a player a few days ago, the most apt comparison came to mind when one of the players collapsed in apparent agony, only to resume play normally. I told my friend it reminds me of the newish trend in professional wrestling! From all appearances, as they writhe on the ground clutching the allegedly injured part, it looks like medical help if not the Medical Examiner, will be needed. It detracts from the match in a big way for me.


  6. laurie27wsmith

    A lot of these footballers should be up for the BAFTA awards Seumas, a gold for writhing. Followed by the new Lazarus award for a sudden emergence to life.


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