…why it matters for Authors to ‘do’ SOSYAL NETWURKIN and a Blog… #TBSU…

…there’s at least a couple of dozen schools of thought on the efficacy or otherwise of Authors indulging the SOSYAL NETWURKIN whirl…this ol’ Jurassic certainly claims no monopoly on knowing what’s right or nor for other scribblers… but I can speak from my own experience… (just try and stop me, Mabel!)… I think it probably helps that I’m a relative newcomer to the self-publishing WURLD… ergo, no labels, no preconceived opinions, no prior notional luggage about how to ‘crack the writing industry’… everything I know about this gig has been brand new… and I’m LUVIN’ IT!… the immersion in the MEDYA stuff on the Web came along at the start, picking up on the solid advice from them what had been there before me… the real internet quill-scraping pioneers… and to a man and and to a woman, they all insisted that SOSYAL NETWURKIN for an Author was ‘a good thing’… taking that on good faith, I began to develop a limited range of channels … there’s only a set amount of time that can be budgeted in between the ‘other stuff’ like actually writing novels and such (remember them?)… my chosen virtual feeds initially were Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and LinkedIn… then along came the missing piece of the jigsaw… the Blogthe Blog ties it all together for me…coz each Blog post now automatically goes out on all my channels, to which I’ve added some new ones— Stumbleupon, Digg, Pinterest, Pocket, Tumblr and Google+… let there be no misunderstanding, however… it takes time to develop and broaden these vital relationships… I tend to them daily, adding here and there… and as the Texans will tell yeez… yeez do a coupla millyyin here, a few hundred millyyin there, and before yeez know it, yeez are talking real money… the same with yer connections, followers, contacts, whatevers… my direct contacts now number over 15,000but, and this is the big but… when I launched the third Jack Calder novel a few months ago, I asked abut a hundred or so of my Twitter close buddies to ReTweet the message about the launch… I started tracking how many of their contacts notionally were reading that message… after three days, I stopped counting when it had reached 2,750,000!… so, if ever yeez wonder why it matters for Authors to ‘do’ SOSYAL NETWURKIN and a Blog… there’s the proof-reading of the proof-pudding for yeez… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!… it’s all in here:





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10 responses to “…why it matters for Authors to ‘do’ SOSYAL NETWURKIN and a Blog… #TBSU…

  1. Reblogged this on LindaSTaylor and commented:
    I think Seumas explains perfectly the ‘efficacy’ of authors’ platforms! You might stumble a little over his ‘accent’, but you’ll get the gist of it. It’s all in the numbers game, isn’t it. Enjoy Seumas Gallacher … he’s one of a kind! #TBSU


  2. Thanks, Seumas! I beblogged this one. You said it better than I could … even with your heavy accent! Have a great weekend.


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  4. That’s way cool. How did you track the reach though (asks the Twitter numpty).




    • …very easy , m’Lady… I asked the selected good follower folks to ReTweet the message about the launch… when they do a ReTweet, I get a message that they have done so… their profile tells me how many followers each of them has… I merely note the numbers manually on a scribble pad and add them up as we go along… it’s the exponential (howsabout THAT for a WURD!) reach that does it! … cheers ..:):):)


    • …and I think you will be pleasantly surprised as to how quickly the numbers start to accumulate… but bearing in mind, these numbers reflect the ‘potential’ viewers of the message, but even if only a small percentage read it, and convert to sales. hey, result! 🙂


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