…I’d like yeez to have a wee listen, a quiet moment while yeez play the song clip below… then explain to me what isn’t madness about war?… #TBSU…



…every now and then, and I must confess, more recently as the age thingy creeps up on me, I’m given to pondering about things such as the lunacy of war… any war… we’ve just had the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy… and 100% correctly, we honoured the fallen as well as those who came back alive… the courage shown on the battlefields, matched by the unsung bravery and stoicity of the families and sweethearts left behind whilst their loved ones went into battle, is unimpeachable… like many millions of others of many nationalities, including those on ‘the other side’, I lost a relative, an uncle, in the Second World War, killed before I was even born… by all accounts a fine man… and I continue to think ’what a bluudy waste of life’ it all is… paradoxically, I’m not a pacifist by nature, but I just wish there was a better way to get resolution on differences at that level… I don’t pretend to have the solution, I’m not that clever… but in these quiet moments, I listen to stuff like the song below about the First World War, The Green Fields of France, written by Eric Bogle, and sung by The Fureys and Davey Arthur… and I selfishly indulge a quiet weep for Humanity as a whole… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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28 responses to “…I’d like yeez to have a wee listen, a quiet moment while yeez play the song clip below… then explain to me what isn’t madness about war?… #TBSU…

  1. … thank you, m’Lady 🙂 there’s just sum’times it gets to me…


  2. No further comment required…


  3. Now I’ve mopped up the tears…Lovely post Seumas. I used to live in Flanders Fields and it never failed to choke me up, every single time we went out in the car, the cemetries, the memorials, the plaques, the ruins overgrown with trees now. The whole region is awash in ghosts. The doctor said I was depressed. I said I was just sad. Reblogging.


    • …yes, it’s quite taken hold with me these days, as i say, probably because i’ve grown a bit more reflective on these kinds of things…it’s not depression, more a deep sadness for the waste, the angst, the sorrow… thanks for sharing and reblogging, m’Lady 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    War graves and the Fureys. Get your hankies ready.


  5. Heartbreaking… not as tech savvy in knowing how to reply with a song, but if you have a chance, the Irish Rovers did a song called private Willie McBride. Same sentiment. It makes you wonder…


  6. I weep with you, my friend… The Fureys and Davey Arthur do Eric Bogle proud. God Bless you, good man for sharing….


  7. Brilliant song Suemas. From now on if there’s an argument I think the prime minister and all the generals should fight it out.or decide it’s not worth the slaughter ever again. Well done my friend.


  8. Yes, I watched on TV, the slaughter on Omaha Beach and I fully agree the utter futility and madness of the whole incredible stupidity and total waste that Man can impose on fellow Man !


  9. Thanks Seumas, it’s still very emotional – the scale of the loss and the folly of it all. I was in the archive of the ICRC in Geneva for work recently. That’s where they keep the records of all the prisoners of war. It’s so bloody poignant looking at those lists of names (2.5 million names recorded) – their dates of birth, father’s name, home town or village. Just ordinary men ripped from ordinary lives.
    Here’s the link to the article I wrote:
    The Red Cross Museum in Geneva is well worth a visit.


  10. laurie27wsmith

    The video didn’t want to play for me Seumas but that’s fine, I think I know the song off by heart now. The folly of war indeed, willy McBride is the epitome of the millions of wasted lives that were pushed through a meat grinder called ‘trench warfare.’ 20th century weapons, 19th century tactics and armies led by old men who thought nothing of sending men day after day against torrents of bullets. basically because of a falling out between royal families and the need for more land. Irrespective of the behind the scenes causes of WW2 I think it was a war that had to be fought. It wasn’t a falling out between royal families, it was one man’s desire to enslave the world. Yes, money was made out of it by manufacturers and arms dealers, the value of mankind falls to a basic level when wealth is in the offing. I think we forget these days that if the Axis powers had won, then we would have faced a perilous future. The concentration and extermination camps seem to be forgotten when WW2 is mentioned these days. This would have been the norm in all occupied countries. Slavery, extermination, exploitation on a huge scale. Madness that eclipses what our present leaders seem to dream up would have had nothing on what the Germans had in store. So when I see the footage of those men form the allied countries storming the beaches, falling out of the sky, shedding their blood I know that it wasn’t futile. They went and stopped a brutal regime taking hold of humanity. They fought, suffered and died so that we could have some semblance of a good future. The sad thing is that although WW2 saved us from a tyrant, nothing has changed with dozens of countries at conflict all over the world.
    Rant over,


    • …it’s on YouTube under The Green Field of France…. I agree heartily with all you say, that man… as I said in the post, I don’t have the answers, but I wished there was a better way to solve the madness… I’m not a pacifist.. ( anything for a good scrap , me, from Govan, yeez understand! )… 🙂


      • laurie27wsmith

        When I’m feeling sad about life I put the headphones on and listen to The Fury’s. Then I sing along to Willy McBride. I agree there Seumas, it would be far better to have world leaders fight it out. Then I’m sure they’d put some special forces bloke up as a substitute. I’ve never liked bullies Seumas and Hitler was a big one. I can well understand that you’d like a scrap. 🙂 I used to fight at the drop of the hat in the army and sometimes I’d drop the hat.


    • …I’ve lost too many hats that way ! 🙂


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