…hair today, gone tomorrow… barbarism v barberism… #TBSU…


…most of we males enter this planet with little or no hair topping… many depart with much the same hirsute-less status… the saga of a lifetime’s human hair adornment varies from person to person… this ol’ Jurassic’s tresses, atop the skull and upper lip covering, half-face or none, differed from decade to decade… early childhood in Dockland Govan in Glasgow involved free haircuts from trainee hairdressers on a local government learner-barbers program, resulting in demands for the apprentices to fashion the style of the day… the Duck-A*se, the mark of the Teddy Boy, high on the priority list, went well with drainpipe-tight trousers and ‘brothel-creeper’ inch-thick-soled ‘bumper’ shoes… gallons of Brylcream ointment, plastered liberally, sustained the antimacassar trade for at least ten years beyond that industry’s shelf-life… the icons of the silver screen and vinyl records produced personalised cuts such as the ‘Tony Curtis’, the ‘Eden Kane’,’ the ‘Tommy Steele’, the ‘Cliff Richard’, the ‘Elvis’… from the American Colonies came the crew cut and the semi-crew cut, (no mention of a quarter-crew cut)… Great Britain served up the Skinheads fad, with cranial gooseberry-lookalikes… and it’s impossible to ignore the strange-accented quartet from Liverpool, The Beatles, who spawned millions of imitators in head-thatch… as a young lad pursuing a ‘proper’ profession back then, that of banking, I well remember a missive circulated by the management in the bank I worked for in London’s financial establishment of Lombard Street, which stated that all male staff would wear their hairstyles ‘no lower than the bottom of the ears’… a pal of mine, with a thick John Lennon-style mop, stated, ‘that’s gonna cost me a bluudy fortune’, to which sumb’dy else asked, ‘what? the price of a haircut?’… to which the first guy replied, ‘No, the cost of getting my ears lowered!’… at that time in my career I sported a Mexican Zapata moustache and long ringlet-permed ‘Wild Man of the West’ locks… long-since shorn, I’m afraid… nowadays, if the growth is longer than about a quarter of an inch, it all feels a tad uncomfortable… at least I don’t have to shell out a king’s ransom on a visit to the barber… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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11 responses to “…hair today, gone tomorrow… barbarism v barberism… #TBSU…

  1. newromantics4

    Seumas, in my case its always wanting straight hair but God gave me curls. Ye cannae win.


    • …t’was ever thus , m’Lady… think about it too, white or fair-skinned people wanna be tanned, …in the East , Brown-skinned (beautiful) people wanna be white …go figure:):) cheers 🙂


  2. I remember those days well, the screams of the brylcream, the smell of the mobbing fans and the hangovers from ‘can’t remember a bluddy thing’ nights out LOL
    Now I settle for a short back & sides and polish on top 😀 😀 😀


  3. laurie27wsmith

    I ran the gamut of hair design Seumas. I remember watching a movie in 1961 with Mohawk Indians leaping and prancing everywhere. I pestered my Mum to give me one. Out came the hand shears and away she went. It lasted for a week then I returned to the crew cut. I’ve looked like General Custer and now it’s a Bruce Willis cut with a landing strip. I do miss my thick, black hair though. 😦


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