…a wee glimpse of Abu Dhabi’s exclusive shopping AVENUE AT ETIHAD TOWERS… for the travel bods amongst yeez… #TBSU…


…it wouldn’t have taken yeez too many visits to my blog to know I’m very much an Abu Dhabi-phile… my side bars click yeez into my writing den at the lobby of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel (eat yer heart out, that wee Rowling lassie), and en route to my scribbling place, I pass through one of Abu Dhabi’s elite shopping destinations, known simply as AVENUE at ETIHAD TOWERS… I desist from labelling it a ‘shopping centre’ or a ‘mall’ or such… it’s a tad exclusive in style… in truth, yeez’ll need a few bob more than I usually have in my wallet to pick up yer goodies there… however, many of yeez globally have specifically asked me to give yeez some background, a flavour, on ‘where I live’….Abu Dhabi has achieved much in the years since the formation of the United Arab Emirates and thankfully much of its local Arabic heritage is prominently evident around the country and in the main cities such as the capital, Abu Dhabi and Dubai… that has melded well with the rapid pace of high-class consumer commerce embracing international brands, usually found in yer boutiques in Geneva, Milan, New York and London… in later posts I may give yeez a bit of flavour of one or three of these ‘outlets’ … more like having yer own private salons, if yeez ask me… so, if yer travels bring yeez this way, I’ll treat yeez to coffee in the Towers, and p’raps go for a wander through the AVENUE’s precincts… any purchasing yeez indulge there’ll be for yer own account, mind… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…a wee glimpse of Abu Dhabi’s exclusive shopping AVENUE AT ETIHAD TOWERS… for the travel bods amongst yeez… #TBSU…

  1. Well believe it or not, I grew up in Kuwait, which is not too far away from ‘yeez’! A few years back, I returned to Kuwait for a couple of weeks with my then work. I was really excited to be visiting the country of my childhood, and it didn’t disappoint. I also spent a few days working in Dubai. I would have no problem returning there for a few years with my kids, show them a different kind of life, as I was lucky enough to experience as a kid.


  2. … the world is indeed just one large village… the pace of change is quite extraordinary ,,, in the ten years I have enjoyed in the UAE, incredible progress and development has taken place… mostly for the good…


  3. laurie27wsmith

    Can you get a deep fried mars bar there though Seumas?


  4. Quite the corner market you have there!


  5. …yes…some us know how to slum it in style, m’Lady 🙂


  6. To be frank, I can’t think of anything worse than wandering through such a place! But if I was ever to drop by for a wee dram, perhaps yeez could show me the delights of what remains of old Abu Dhabi. That would be seventh heaven for me. By the way, you’d have to push me in a wheelchair or rent a mobility scooter!


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