…here’s Author Laurie Smith with a Guest Post that’ll give yeez pause for thought… enjoy… #TBSU…

…this ol’ jurassic is blessed with countless great pals amongst yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… sterling amongst these is a bloke from Down Under, Author Laurie Smith… very few of us have gone through an entire existence without some sort of life-changing crisis or event, or series of events… some succumb, others pick themselves up and get on with it… seldom is it easy… but it does get better if yeez get piled into it… this sharing post from Laurie touched several memory chords with me… and only serves to strengthen a friendship that has developed over the virtual links… LUV YA, big man… see yeez later… enjoy Laurie’s post…

…from Laurie Smith…
Here you go Seumas, everything you’ll need for my guest blog. I had all kinds of ideas about what I would write then decided to talk about what drove me to the keyboard. I have my psychiatrist, George to thank for propelling me from his comfortable couch, to the bum softening chair in my spare room. I found myself in his waiting room one fine winter’s day in 2001 after I failed at ending my existence. Thirty one years after the Vietnam war ended for Australian troops I’d finally had enough. PTSD is insidious, I ignored the symptoms and kept on working in jobs that gave me the stimulation and danger I craved. My health, personal relationships and life in general fell apart. As he slowly but surely peeled away at my mind, life changed. I divorced, entered into a new relationship, grew and delved into the depths of a childhood seeped in pain and degradation. I knew some but not all of the events from my past that would form the basis of some events, and the antagonists in my novels. When young children’s lives are filled with pain, uncertainty and molestation they construct a new existence over the old. They tell stories and lies to hide the enormity of their lives, and continue to fool themselves into believing that life is okay. It isn’t. George asked that I look into myself and ask what my purpose was now. I thought for awhile then said, ‘I want to write, I’ve always liked telling stories but I’m afraid they wont be stories that everybody might like or accept.’ He stared at me for a moment and said, ‘Write them anyway.’
Since the universe has a way of putting things in your path, I noticed the sign outside a small shop, in 2010 and It read, ‘Writer’s Course starting soon.’ With absolutely nothing to lose I enrolled, entered a writing contest and came second. That bolstered me and I gave it a go. The theme for my first novel came from, for want of a better term, a vision. An old Norman style church set in a gloomy cemetery, a dark night and a man walking through the doorway. I began writing and a major player from Mountain of Death came to life. I wrote him as an exercise for a ‘Penny Dreadful’ style novella and it grew from there. With a background in prisons and the police force I had a vast pool of resources to draw from. Creating characters, dialogue and some actual events didn’t take a lot of effort. Before I’d finished Mountain I began writing Valley of Death. This book enabled me to get quite a few things off my chest, and mind. If I couldn’t get justice in my own life for what happened to me and two innocent girls, the least I could do was to create a world where natural justice came to the fore. River of Death brings closure to the main storyline, although all three novels can be read as stand alone stories. Don’t for one minute think that these are hand wringing, tear filled scribbling’s about life’s injustices. My characters love, hate, fight, kill and screw. They feel pain and sometimes suffer life’s indignities. There are no white hats v black hats here, only various shades of grey. Sadly, some of the events portrayed actually happen somewhere in the world everyday. My stories are set mainly in Australia, with plenty of local colour. Like Jack Hardy, Mountain’s main protagonist I don’t pull my punches. A prospective reader asked me if there was much in the way of violence in my stories, I said, ‘Irene, you could end up with a black eye by just opening the front cover.’ So there we have it, my reason for writing, to restore my sanity and at the same time entertain. I don’t preach my message, it’s all there in the lives of my characters.
I don’t want to drive Seumas nuts here, he has it hard enough keeping out of Matron’s way with her bluddy big needles. So if you want a rundown on my books, pop over to Amazon. US via the links and read the blurb and comments. Or follow these links to the individual Facebook pages.
Mountain of Death
Valley of Death
River of Death
Laurie’s Bio.
Writing gritty-adult crime based novels seemed like a natural extension to Laurie Smith’s working life. Retired now after a life of working in the military, prisons, police and security he believes that he has something to write about and says, ‘You can’t be immersed in prison life, then work the streets as a copper without picking up the feel of crime and criminals. These experiences transfer easily to my books, set mainly in Queensland they add a local flavour not found in most novels of this genre.’ Laurie arrived in Australia as a boy from England in 1961 and lived in Sydney for a while before moving to Queensland. After joining the army he was stationed back in Sydney for two years before going to Vietnam. He felt drawn to Kings Cross, Sydney’s notorious red light district. This is where his first novel Mountain of Death was born. He writes the Death series as L W Smith. Retired now, he fills his time when not writing another novel in his Death series, with photography, blogging and travel. He lives with his wife Lorelle on their rural hideaway in south-east Queensland.
..and links to the man and his books…


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30 responses to “…here’s Author Laurie Smith with a Guest Post that’ll give yeez pause for thought… enjoy… #TBSU…

  1. Excellent, authentic, engaging.


  2. With all that experience Your books will be very poweful.


  3. Good to see Laurie here. I’m an avid follower of his blog that is well worth a visit. Thanks for sharing, Seumas!


  4. Great double act, you two fellas 🙂 Reblogging this.


  5. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    Two larger than life blogger friends team up for this guest post from Laurie Smith. Entertaining as always.


  6. laurie27wsmith

    Seumas, what can I say? Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. I’ve set the post to go at 0500 Wednesday, Oz time so you may get a bit of traffic. They’ll be on a high from the kangaroo pics I added to the post. 🙂


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  8. Moving onward through life’s challenges from a distressing beginning, (I’ve learned something more about it elsewhere), Laurie has made good use of his experiences in his books, and the Australian setting also sets his books apart. Keep charging onward, Laurie!


    • laurie27wsmith

      Hi Joy, thanks so much for coming over to Seumas’ blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.


  9. Pingback: …here’s Author Laurie Smith with a Guest Post that’ll give yeez pause for thought… enjoy… #TBSU… | Joy V. Smith

  10. Laurie is a fascinating person with an equally colorful past. He has a grand heart and a wonderful ability of telling engaging stories. He is like the Phoenix who rose from the fire and overcame what put many another asumder. I’m so glad you spotlighted him here.Blessings, Natalie 🙂


    • laurie27wsmith

      Hey Natalie, thanks for coming over to leave a wonderful message on Seumas’ blog. I truly appreciate the encouraging words.


  11. Raani York

    Thanks for featuring Laurie Smith, Seumas!! He’s such an outstanding Author and a great friend and personality too!
    I’ve read all of his books and loved them!
    Laurie! – Another great guest post from you!! I’m enthusiastic – just like that – because I can!! 🙂


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