…rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, …keep them Bloggies rollin’… and still they come… Guest Post from Author, Sarah P. Broadley… #TBSU…

…I hail from Dockland Govan, in the mighty metropolis of Glasgow (‘Glesca’ to the Scots’ vernacular ear)… today’s intrepid Guest Blogger, Sarah P. Broadley,  hies from across the Caledonian Nation… from the capital no less, ‘Enbra’ ( known to the rest of the planet as ‘Edinburgh’)… I read many blogs in the course of my whirling around here on the SOSYAL NETWURKS, but few come close to providing such constant excellent entertainment as hers… yeez should try having a wee peek… www.greatbigjar.com  … meantime, here’s her piece for the Guest spot:

…From Sarah P. Broadley
It’s not every day you get a request to join the wonderful world of Seumas Gallacher. So, here I am, trying to ignore the horrible weather in Scotland and instead imagine myself having a cold beer and a blether with the great man himself. Here’s to your good health (Slàinte mhath) Seumas.
Eat, Sleep and Breathe

There are many things that fill a writers day. We get out of bed and plod about in the sleepy morning light, stubbing our toes on furniture until our brain decides to actually join us for the day, only then can we open our eyes. We shower, get dressed and brush our teeth.
We are now full of coffee and ready to take on the world one word at a time. We enter our cave and take a deep breath. The smell of old and new books, reams of paper and pencil sharpenings fill our nose. A caves odour at its very best.
A writers cave can be anywhere, usually not a cave as such, just a secure and calming area of our home/work/garden that let our minds work with minimum distraction (also known as procrastinating in this house – what me? No!). We sometimes listen to loud music but on other days a pin dropping can be very annoying and can halt the flow of ideas in an instant. I have been known to glare at said pins as they lie laughing at me on the floor chanting ‘you’re not writing today’ over and over again. Being the mature person that I am, I stick my tongue out at them and have another cuppa. And sigh. There is always a lot of sighing on these particular days.
Sometimes we wake before the alarm (not very often I have to admit) and we head straight to the door of destiny. Lights are flung on with reckless abandon and we rub our hands together with glee. ‘We are writing’ the mantra says in our heads as we open our laptops and minds and let our fingers get to work.
However, we can also head into our caves with so much enthusiasm that we forget the three simple things in our lives as writers we need to survive:
Eat – yes, its true, we all need food to survive but word on the street is chocolate is very good for writers so I have stocked up (don’t judge me).
Sleep – it might work for some to get up very early every day but unless you want the ‘sleepers crease’ as you have a wee impromptu nap on your WIP then get to bed (don’t make me come over there waggling my finger at you!)
Breathe – this is best for everyone involved, you can’t finish your book if you pass out with excitement now can you? I usually have to be reminded about this breathing malarky when it’s time to press ‘send’. The four little letters that strike fear in the heart of all writers. Your baby is leaving home to be pulled apart and prodded and written on with the red pen of shame…and….and…breathe.
Be proud of what you write, its your story, get it out there for the world to see – Eat, Sleep and Breathe. #amwriting
For more musings and nonsense from my world, please stop by and say hello – www.greatbigjar.com


….thanks very much, that wummin, Sarah, … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…


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8 responses to “…rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, …keep them Bloggies rollin’… and still they come… Guest Post from Author, Sarah P. Broadley… #TBSU…

  1. What a Dream Team. My friend Seumas Gallacher with the gorgeous and very talented Sarah P. Broadley aka greatbigjar. I can imagine conversations between you in the vernacular, imagine I say as for sure I wouldn’t be able to understand you but I’d know for sure the sparks of genius were flying.
    Massive Hugs to you Sarah. Don’t desert me now you’ve gone upmarket !


  2. laurie27wsmith

    Another great insight here Seumas, nice to meet you Sarah. I can certainly relate to the early morning routine. Coffee is the lubrication that allows the words to roll freely, that and pins that don’t laugh at you. Worse than sleeper’s crease is when you nod off with your finger on a key and you end up with three pages of w’s.


  3. I wish I had a cave. I share a bureau with husband who’s actually working, a dog snoring and chasing dream rabbits, a cat in and out wailing, children barging in with things to sign or complaints to make about the service. Hope the weather picks up soon 🙂


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