…Daft Old Scots Author’s ALERT! …Health Warnings can be a danger to yer Health… #TBSU…

…I don’t suppose for a nano-second that the Cavemen Cousins of Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone had much truck with dietary consideration… a menu of dinosaur steaks with chips followed by a nice swamp-leave salad prob’ly filled the bill nicely, thanks… if chocolate had been available, the delicacy for sweets may well have been Barbecued Mars Bars… as far as can be understood, there’s no record of anything in the way of fitness trainers or nutritionists plying their trade 200,000 years or so ago… it may well be that the primary eating concern back then was not to be part of a T-Rex’s lunch… so, fast forward to the ‘Enlightened Age’ of the current millennium… I do know that many of yeez pride yourselves in looking after yer physical well-being, and I applaud that… some others may be a tad less concerned with the Slob-look/No-Slob-look choice, and I equally have no contest with that… umpteen marathons run on one spot on machines in a gymnasium are a personal choice, as are ‘pumping iron’ and pumping any other such elements … do so to yer heart’s content… you will find no argument from me… where I do have an issue is with the perpetual sequence of ‘lifestyle advice’ from the endless succession of ‘expert’ medical WURLD gurus… Health Warnings can be a danger to yer Health… well-intended they may be, but cohesive they are not… one month the message tells me eggs are bad for me… a month later sumb’dy else states that eggs are the best stuff to stuff into yer stuff… sugar, confections, fats, non-fats, carbo-bluudy-hydrates, proteins, anti-teins, glutens, exercise, non-exercise, alcohol, non-alcohol… they all have their advocates one minute, then the next, the diametrically opposite views… y’see, for more than a lot of years, I’ve eaten pretty much whatever I fancy… my epicurean tastes range from fine dining at Mcdonalds (double cheeseburger, extra large fries, tons of mayo, and a DIET coke, thanks) all the way to slumming it over truffles and mille feuille at the Dorchester Grill Room… when I ultimately take up my reservation at the Big Dining Room in the Sky, I’ll bequest my carcass to scientific medical posterity… I’m certain when they open me up they’ll find in my DNA an indication of ancestral gorging on dinosaur steaks and chips… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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14 responses to “…Daft Old Scots Author’s ALERT! …Health Warnings can be a danger to yer Health… #TBSU…

  1. I had a conversation with my daughters along similar lines. Their kids were doing healthy eating at school and came home announcing they couldn’t eat bread with butter on because butter is fat and fat is bad. They said they had to eat 7 portions of fruit and veg a day and were under the impression they weren’t allowed to eat anything else! My grandkids are 7 and 6. I might be a bit of an old bird now but I remember when we were considered health nuts if we had an apple at play time! When did “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” stop working? Nothing is bad for you. Teaching moderation would be far more useful in my humble opinion.


  2. Evidently you appreciate eclectic culinary experiences Seumas. Forgot the Scots love deep fried Mars Bars. I am yet to try one. Yesterday a trainer in the gym insisted that it was madness that I wasn’t consuming BCAA tablets on a daily basis. Just off to Holland and Barrett to get some now, before it is too late.


  3. You hit the nail on the head, Sir. Everything in moderation, and those sending the food police nasty-grams should be banned from the airwaves! Cheers with bacon and a side of chocolate!


  4. At the moment, I am on the quest to a smaller dress size. This effort was induced by my current economic situation. In other words, my husband hasn’t worked in over a year, my books sales are less than great and I cannot afford a new wardrobe.
    Writing, although a great deal of work is not conducive to a bikini body unless you have been blessed with bikini genes. I’m Welsh and Irish 50/50. My genes want potatoes and bread however my jeans don’t and I cannot afford larger ones in order to accommodate my love of good food. LOTS of good, yummy food. 😉
    I believe I eat healthy. I was just eating enough for two healthy people. 🙂


    • …LUV the Celt mixture in you! I still believe that potatoes are the food of the Gods… happily I have none of the bikini concerns that those of the gentler gender have to contend occasionally… so long as I can maintain somewhere between 90 kgs and , say 125 kgs, I’m good with that! 🙂


  5. laurie27wsmith

    My wife’s grandson became afraid to go outside and play because he was afraid he would get skin cancer and die. Everywhere you look you’ll find an expert popping up to tell you how to live, crazy.


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