…Authors, if yeez ever doubt the value and reach of proper SOSYAL NETWURKIN, I’m here to tell yeez otherwise… #TBSU…

…I have no argument with all the good folks on the SOSYAL NETWURKS who wanna expound on what they had for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper, with resplendent selfies to boot… nor those whose affections for pet cats/puppies/lizards/pterodactyls/goldfish/any-other-coloured-fish/three-humped camels/ result in more album-loads of pictorials in their respective timelines… I can even skim nonchalantly over the complainers/whiners/grumpies who disgorge their moan-of-the-day online… all of these are entitled to their virtual communicative prerogatives… in much the same way it’s my prerogative not to pay them any attention… live and let live… tweet and let tweet… blog and let blog, I say… however, my own approach to this whole business of writing is well-known to yeez LUVLY people who follow this ol’ Jurassic’s ramblings… it’s the ‘WURKIN’ part of SOSYAL NETWURKIN that attracts me… never before in history has it been possible to connect personally to gazillions of Lads and Lassies at the one time… our forerunner quill-scrapers were never endowed with the access we current brigade of self-publishers enjoy… acknowledging the universal ‘given’ that any author, indie or traditionally-published, must do the lion’s share of the marketing and promotional legWURK themselves, this modern Web boon is a scribblers Godsend… of course, I also indulge occasionally in the wee snippets of personal information (which, at my time of life, is hardly gonna trouble the chroniclers of future history books), but I principally focus on getting my writing message out there… at the beginning it was darned hard labour building the NETWURKS, but now the bases are loaded, so to speak, the dividends are gratifying… the huge selling/downloading spikes of the initial launches for my wee crime thrillers passes quickly, but a nice rythym of regular daily sales creeps sweetly across my Amazon sales pages… yeez hang around and get them in bits… a lot of little makes a lot… so, Authors, if yeez ever doubt the value and reach of proper SOSYAL NETWURKIN, I’m here to tell yeez otherwise… hang in there, WURK yer SOSYAL links… it is worthwhile… in the meantime, yeez can read here about some of the simple stuff that serves me so well…






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13 responses to “…Authors, if yeez ever doubt the value and reach of proper SOSYAL NETWURKIN, I’m here to tell yeez otherwise… #TBSU…

  1. If you can do what you’re doing and enjoy it, You’re doing it right.


  2. True! I had a Mars Bar for brekkie Seamus, by the way. 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Wild and Woolly Wordsmithing and commented:
    Definitely worth the Wurk! No one says it better than Seumas!


  4. Great work with the book, Seumas! 😀


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