…so yeez think writers only write?… how about these scribblers who can’t get enough of poker?… #TBSU…

…Three of the most prominent faces of poker today 

…Writers who can’t get enough of poker 

…it’s amazing what yeez come across when we’re scanning through the Web… I used to be moderately useful as a blackjack player, but get a load of this trio…
All kinds of people have jumped on the bandwagon of playing poker after Chris Moneymakerl  popularized the online version of the card game back in 2003. Sports athletes, musicians, and even renowned writers have tried their hand at playing poker. While many quickly discovered that they were powerless in the presence of true card sharks, some found that they had some talent for the game. Here are three of the most popular faces of journalism today, who adapted very well when they crossed over to the world of poker.    

Victoria Mitchell


Victoria “Teacup” Mitchell  is a British writer, TV presenter, and a professional poker player. She writes for The Guardian, The Observer, and hosts the television show Only Connect. 

Mitchell has a pretty impressive track record in poker. For starters, she is the first woman to ever bag two European Poker Tour Main Event Titles. The first one was in London back in 2006, and the other in San Remo in 2014. As a poker journalist, she has hosted Late Night Poker, The Poker Nations Cup, World Poker Tour, and even guested as a commentator for the Ultimate Poker Challenge, The Monte Carlo European Poker Tour, and Grosvenor UK Poker Tour. 

It was reported that she regularly plays at the Victoria Casino in London and sometimes hosts private tournaments at her home. To date, her tournament winnings amount to more than $2,400,000. 

Anthony Holden 



Anthony Holden  is an English writer and a biographer of known figures of history such as William Shakespeare and Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. He is also known to have translated several autobiographical books about poker and became the first president of the International Federation of Poker. 

Holden is one of the few dedicated players of the card game who was able to publish a book as a fledgling poker player. In 1990, Holden released “Big Deal: A Year as a Professional Poker Player,” which has received a lot of positive reviews from the likes of David Mamet and the late Walter Matthau. The book is about the culture of the World Series of Poker and his experiences in playing the game professionally from 1988 to 1989. 

Kara Scott 


Kara Scott  is a Canadian journalist and poker host like Victoria Mitchell. She is a regular host of Poker Night Live and writes for Poker Player Magazine and Flush. In 2009, Kara signed a contract with Bwin. Party and became one of the ambassadors of the company’s poker brand

In her career as a professional poker player, she has won a lot of tournaments. To cite a few, she finished in first place in the World Woman’s Open in 2007 and the Sports Star Challenge in 2008. She was also a finalist at the Irish Open in 2009. As of today, Kara’s total winnings from tournaments exceeds $500,000. 

Do you know other well-known writers who have crossed over to the world poker? Share it with me! 


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5 responses to “…so yeez think writers only write?… how about these scribblers who can’t get enough of poker?… #TBSU…

  1. Anything for the quick buck 😀


  2. Never played poker but find it a fascinating game. And I did my PhD on David Mamet so I know how much a positive comment from him would mean. I’ll keep learning (at least the theory!)


  3. Wow. That’s niche. 🙂


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