…an ol’ Jurassic Scottish Author’s delusions of adequacy… but at least they’re mine… #TBSU…

…Quote from nobody famous, ‘…if yeez think yeez can do sum’thing, yeez are probably right… and if yeez think yeez can’t, yeez are prob’ly still right…’ I’m back on about reviews here… the double-edged sword for writers… as likely a scourge as a joy… depending on the range of praise or vitriol from the reviewer… as a newbie scribbler a few years back, my day, mood, and, it seemed, entire-future-writing-career hung on these off’rings on the Great God Amazon’s pages of Authorial Judgement… I’ve shared before, the depths of despair I plumbed when one guy gave me a 2 out of 5 stars rating, and blasted my wee masterpiece… then I checked the only other review he had ever done… it was for a John Grisham novel, and he bottom-rated rated him a demeaning 1 star out of 5… it’s not recorded anywhere what Master Grisham thought of that, but I hardly think it would have caused him much angst… it did teach me a lesson… to take all reviews and ratings with a measure of balance… a review is an opinion, not a scientific treatise… the trail of dreadful reviews even today on Amazon for some of History’s acknowledged finest authors’ and authoresses’ WURK makes yeez wonder what kinda mushrooms the reviewers are chewing on… over the past wee while, I’ve come to see the strength in reviews which delve into stuff like plot line, character arcs, narrative flow, and so on… these are many times more valuable to quill-scrapers than the splendidly effusive ‘give this lad 10 stars out of 5’ nonsense which sum’times appear… result? I’ve come to terms with my own delusions of adequacy… I write for me... I try to write the sort of quality stuff I like to read in good authors I’ve read over the years… and I bet you a pound to a penny, most of them did exactly the same… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ...


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9 responses to “…an ol’ Jurassic Scottish Author’s delusions of adequacy… but at least they’re mine… #TBSU…

  1. Write for yourself. Good advice.


  2. I have yet to see a REASONED AND CONSTRUCTIVE 1 or 2 star rated book review comment Seumas 😀


  3. Never was a truer WURD spoken! Total common sense!


  4. laurie27wsmith

    True, an honest 2 or 3 star review would be like gold, though I won’t knock back a 4 or 5 from a satisfied reader. 🙂


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