…it’s the Authors’ gift that keeps on giving… Guest Blogs… #TBSU…

…there’s lots of pithy sayings I like, among which a favourite is , yeez keep it by giving it away’… no, Mabel, not money, but anything really worthwhile… like yer LUV… like yer time for other people… like yer good thoughts on sumb’dy else’s behalf… yeez get the drift, right?… I prattle on here ad infin-everum about the great generosity of spirit freely shared among the global scriveners family on the net… when this ol’ Jurassic first stepped onto this whirligig of self-publishing, I knew less than NUTHIN about the business (not that the zero has been overtaken much in the interim, mind), but a few good folks lent their time and patience to me… that quickly grew into dozens, and now hundreds, if not thousands, whose feedback, support, and just ‘bluudy-being-there’ I’ve come to LUV and appreciate… early advice included getting involved in the SOSYAL NETWURKS… developing yer own part of the webspace… being linked with yer fellow quill-scrapers… no better wisdomy pearl was dropped before this scribbly swine than to try the Guest Blog gig… writing pieces to share on yer mates’ blogs,… oh, and don’t forget to invite them to reciprocate… for a start, it kinda gets yeez out of yer own head for a bit… one simple ROOL only… don’t be offensive… everything else goes… yeez can tell their followers about yer latest wee masterpieces… yer next book signings… throw pictures of yer cover pages, yer Amazon links, yer contact links, yer golf links, yer cuff links… any links yeez like…how yeez tackle authorish issues that we all face occasionally… it’s the most brilliantly effective ‘Authors Agony Aunt Forum’ on the planet… a wee while ago, I declared this blog open to all and sundry who might wanna do a Guest Blog post… some of yeez indicated yeez would like that but haven’t sent yer gems this way yet… if yeez still want aboard, throw yer stuff this way… it’s the Authors’ gift that keeps on giving… Guest Blogs… see yeez later, LUV YEEZ!


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7 responses to “…it’s the Authors’ gift that keeps on giving… Guest Blogs… #TBSU…

  1. Yer mad, Seumas, but I luvs ya!


  2. Just fine-tuning the latest master work and I’m on my way. Keep chucking the flowers about, Seumas 🙂


  3. Jane Thorne

    I have emailed you about this… 🙂


  4. I know exactly what I’m going to say…. It’s just a case of finding the time to sit down at the computer, type it up and email it to you. It’ll be with you by next week I’m guessing.




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