…the first, the original, the one and only— Abu Dhabi Doo !!… and a great new logo for —‘#TBSU’…

Master Forrest Gump got it bang on, referring to Life, boxes of chocolate, and just about everything else… ‘yeez don’t know what yeez are gonna get…’ this morning I did a blog post on the ‘#TBSU’ theme, repeating the adage of helping other authors on here through ‘The Blog Scratchers Union’... for the balance of the day, my time was consumed for a few hours sending out my ‘Virtual Award’ for this week (my substitute for ‘Friday Follows’ or ‘ff’s on Twitter), which is ‘Blog Lord Awards’ …the Gump Syndrome kicked in almost immediately… my great pal, Chris Graham, he of the fantastic StoryReading Ape Blog, crafted a logo for the ‘#TBSU’ and sent it to me… it will take pride of place on the sidebar for the web page… if any of yeez feel like copying it and bumping on to your own pages, go ahead, the more the merrier… here’s what it looks like :

TBSU (with white background


…following fresh on the heels of Mister Ape’s contribution, in pings a return tweet from another wonderful ally, the LUVLY Jo Robinson, who put together this marvellous picture, encapsulating the Blog Lord Award thingy… ‘fabulous’ doesn’t describe it well enuff, …it may or may not be a pigeon, but it resembles one to my eyes… in Scotland we call a pigeon a ‘Doo’… so here yeez have it— …the first, the original, the one and only— Abu Dhabi Doo!! …  have a decko at this :



…Chris, Jo, yeez have made a happy man very old… thanks a gazillion my friends… doncha all just LUV this scribblers family… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ



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17 responses to “…the first, the original, the one and only— Abu Dhabi Doo !!… and a great new logo for —‘#TBSU’…

  1. Love it! I haven’t figured out how to do a sidebar on wild and woolly yet. Soon as I do, it will be proudly displayed! Thank you all three! You totally Rock!


    Seumas – shouldn’t you have said the KILTED Abu Dhabi Doo? 😀 😀 😀


  3. Cool you guys! That’s gorgeous Chris! What does TBSU do Seamus? 🙂


    • …hello, again, m’Lady… here’s a post I did last June re TBSU, which will prob’ly make it all clear (I hope) : … ‘in my Father’s House there are many Mentions’ … THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION… (#TBSU)…
      … as the days move into weeks and the weeks roll up into months, the growth of mutual friends on the Web is exponential… many of the later-joiners-up with this ol’ Jurassic’s blog seem perplexed by the hashtag, ‘#TBSU’… it is made up of the four initials of the WURDS, ‘THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION’… the concept is even simpler than my brain… ‘…you scratch my blog and I’ll scratch your blog…’ …pals get pals get pals…. good old reciprocation at its finest… in practical terms, here’s how it WURKS for me… I keep a note pad by my trusty laptop… (no, Mabel… not because I think the laptop might conk out…)… and daily I scribble down the twitter handle and blog site connections of friends who happen to be of interest… these include emb’dy who’s kind enuff to mention me in any of their communications… then at the tail of MOST of my blog posts I append ‘Blog Scratchers Corner’… it’s a wee list of these friends’ blogs (see example below)… the idea is that others who see fit may copy them and start to follow, and get followed back… OF COURSE I include my OWN blog site in each of these lists… like everyone else, I’m keen to grow my network of like-minded kindred spirits … does it WURK?… ye can bet yer sweet any-part-of-yer-anatomy it WURKS… my WURDPRESS connections have tripled in a year… the knock-on effects on my Twitter followers base and Goodreads, and LinkedIn engagement are equally gratifying… in my Father’s House there may well be many Mansions… in Good Old Blog Land, in my Father’s Blog, there are many Mentions…

      (Example :
      Blog Scratchers Corner


      Blogs To Follow



      zzzzz.com )


  4. Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented:
    We LUV ….. 😀


  5. Reblogged this on Ailsa Abraham and commented:
    And I am now officially a “Blog Lord” it said so yesterday!


  6. I iz a Blog Lord, I iz a Blog Lord, Uncle Seumas said so , na na na naaaaaaaaah na!


  7. Wow! Real class Seumas!


  8. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Meet New (to me) Authors Blog and commented:
    If YOU reblog and share the blogs of others – GO GRAB YOUR TBSU LOGO and display it on your blog with pride!


  9. I’ll figure out how to do it, Seumas and ‘run (Forrest), run’ with it! 😀


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