…the poisoned chalice?…or ambrosia-filled goblet of the gods?… the Manchester United Manager’s job… #TBSU…


…I feel a certain sadness on the employment demise of David Moyes this morning as Manager of Manchester United Football Club… oh, for sure, the man will walk away with enuff folding spending stuff in his training bag to keep him from starvation for about a squillion years… it’s no secret that the WURLD of ‘sport’ in many aspects has succumbed to the madness of moolah millions… the once-upon-a-time-restricted-to-American-companies quarterly financial reporting disease has migrated with ease to major sports… the need for immediate and sustained commercial success prevails… ‘long-term planning’ stretches to about the middle-of-next-week… and success is further measured in rankings of being either number one, or number one… so, who would step up as next in line for the Manchester United Manager’s job?… is it a case of the poisoned chalice?… or ambrosia-filled goblet of the gods?… by all accounts it needs sumb’dy who’s a cross between the Pope and Hannibal the Hun… if yeez ask me nicely, I could consider the post for a coupla weeks, just to help out, mind… and if really pressed, I think I could find my old football boots stinking away in an old cupboard sum’where… ‘player/manager’ has a nice cachet to it… and prob’ly a nice cash to it as well… okay, Mabel, get on to Manchester… tell them I can be there by the end of the  week… got a blog to finish first… priorities, yeez’ll understand… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

football…I’m the good-looking one in the bowler hat at the right… my boots were away being mended the day they took this picture …


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10 responses to “…the poisoned chalice?…or ambrosia-filled goblet of the gods?… the Manchester United Manager’s job… #TBSU…

  1. Gary

    For that you’d need aggression, a Scottish accent, knowledge of tactics, ability to morph into hair-dryer at will and a track record of violence against full backs….hang on a minute…..


  2. Seamus, you even look the part. Boots not needed. Just send the Glaziers some decent plonk and your telephone number.


  3. If Margaret Thatcher we’re alive, she’d be perfect for the job (although maybe they’d lose the European Cup…)


  4. It is a sad day indeed when football is now considered a million pound entity rather than playing for the jersey that your great-grandad/dad/uncle etc wore. I renewed my season ticket even though we have zero hope of winning the last few games in this season. I do however have faith that TB will kick some proverbial butt and axe the stragglers. We used to have a great youth facility but now I’m not so sure. A lot of the time the first team are found in Greggs. It’s hard to give up a lifetime of loyalty but as ever I will invest and wait to see what happens 🙂

    And as for the chalice..I can’t see that word without thinking of this:


    • …spot on, m’Lady … I think we’ll see OT bouncing well in very short order… KEEP THE FAITH….. GO REDS! here ‘s a wee thing I did on Georgie Best about a year or so ago…maybe give a wee lift to yer day ! ;

      …simply the BEST…

      …it’s not just because I’m a Manchester United nut…(I was born six years later in the same street in Govan, Glasgow as Sir Alex Ferguson)…fifty years ago, as lads in the school play-grounds, and on the dirt pitches around Glasgow, we played a different sort of football from the modern stuff currently served up on the television screens every weekend…no fancy coaching…up to twenty-a-side street teams versus neighbouring street teams…a tennis ball or rubber ball no bigger than a cricket ball (whatever that was) served the purpose, until the cheaper Mouldmaster real-football-sized versions became accessible…I often wonder if the pedigree athletes swanning around on the deck every TV match I watch are capable of using the ball for more than a one-touch pass…’dribbling’ we called it back then…and tackling wasn’t a dirty word…no less so ‘shoulder-charging’, including the goalies, most of whom, by the way, could look after themselves very well physically, thank you very much…little wonder, when I worked in London (as a Scot, I told them I was there as a missionary) that I look back on the few occasions I had the chance to watch LIVE, the great Georgie Best, and realize just how good the man was…at one match at Crystal Palace (yes, they did populate the top flight at one time before now…), the pitch was doing a passable imitation of a mud-bath obstacle course …remember the balls back then were heavier beasties than the featherweight ping-pong balls they seem to smack 1,000 yards nowadays… it didn’t matter that there were ten other United players on the field that day… George swiveled and turned the whole ninety minutes …the old cliché is that with one body swerve he could send the entire crowd the wrong way… be that as it may, what I saw him do all day that day will live in my mind forever …he may have played in grander matches and scored umpteen goals, captured in reels elsewhere… amid the mud and desperate lunging tackles, he danced away every time, as if the ball was part of his toes… and we, we of a certain age, ballet-danced through the mire with him… back on the play-grounds, scoring through the piled jackets of goal posts in countless open-scrub yards in cities up and down the country… I’m a grown man, supposedly a hard product of the docklands in Govan, but the day Georgie Best died, I sobbed my guts out… the world had lost an icon… one of the finest, if not the finest, exponents of the beautiful game… his back story and struggles are well recorded and I’ll let others dwell on that… but for me, the most magical player I’ve ever seen play live… simply the Best…

      Seumas Gallacher
      Abu Dhabi
      April 8th, 2013


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