…offensive stuff on the SOSYAL NETWURKS a complete NO-NO!… everything else is fair game… #TBSU…

…it’s a nice doctrine to follow if yeez can… ‘live and let live…’ …I won’t pretend to exhibiting inordinate amounts of tolerance in my own past… as a somewhat exuberant football player in my distant youth, I was often red-carded for ‘retaliating first’ in numerous on-field fracas (plural. ‘fracii’?)… I’ve well-documented on these blog pages the incendiary encounters with the ‘can’t-read-can’t-count’ basket-laden, non-cash-carryng bozos at the ‘Up to 10 items, and Cash-Only’ supermarket checkout lanes… and don’t get me started on the wannabe look-down-their-noses-at–‘inferior-people’-snobs… but generally, p’raps the onset of a coupla more decades has visited a modicum of temperance to my temper… I spend prob’ly far too much time on SOSYAL NETWURKS than is proper (go on, name me five million people who don’t!), but I enjoy it… seems, however many do not enjoy it… fr’example, on Master Zuckerberg’s planet Facebook I notice innumerable folks having a rant at other people’s posts… now, having yer own rant at the WURLD at large is perfectly okay in my view, but to have a go at sumb’dy else’s opinion seems a tad weird to me… of course, there are tons of things on Facebook and other SOSYAL MEDYA with which I don’t agree, but I accept there are bits I also put on there which aren’t gonna gel with everyone else’s notions of perfect… I have to remember, most of these channels are public fora… blatantly offensive stuff, I agree is a complete NO-NO!… but seriously, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, everything else is fair game… my comedic God, Billy Connolly, used to say to people who didn’t like his language or material on television, ‘all yeez have to do is move yer thumb and switch it off!’... same applies on Facebook and the other outlets… if yeez don’t like it, ignore it… yeez can even block stuff… immerse yerselves in the material yeez like, and dump the rest… easy-peasy… see yeez later, I’ve got some thumb-movement to execute… LUV YEEZ!



…the great Billy Connolly… ‘all yeez have to do is move yer thumb and switch it off!’…


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7 responses to “…offensive stuff on the SOSYAL NETWURKS a complete NO-NO!… everything else is fair game… #TBSU…

  1. Many a true WURD is said in jest Seumas and between you and the BIG YIN, Yez’ve cracked it! 🙂


  2. ..I watched this live and have every DVD and tape he ever made,,, when i want to cheer myself up, I run anything from this guy, and he gets me in great fettle i..:)


  3. Thanks for that, Seumas. I’ve been running a minor campaign of my own on the same subject. What people post on their own pages is their affair. Unless it is illegal or encouraging animal cruelty- walk on by. There is also the option to report those who persistently post truly obscene stuff (like pro-rape).


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