Glass Houses

…magnificent post by Jo Robinson !! a must read for anyone on ANY side of this discussion… beautifully expressed, m’Lady ..I’m gonna reblog this :):)

Jo Robinson

Many established self-published authors are very helpful to newbies, sharing the knowledge that they have gained on their individual scribbling trips. There are also loads of books available too these days covering everything from formatting to marketing. Some things are pretty straightforward to learn, but other things are just opinions, no matter how strongly they’re voiced. Like giving your books away for free. Some authors are quite scathing about there being so many free books out there, that they feel they are losing out on selling their own. Then there are the calls for gatekeepers to stop the badly edited, formatted, or written books from ever making it out there, and thereby offend readers so badly that they will never so much as glance at a self-published book again, thereby also taking food out of “legitimate” self-published authors mouths.

I’ve made pretty much all the mistakes any newbie can flying…

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5 responses to “Glass Houses

  1. laurie27wsmith

    A great article from Jo Seumas. Glass houses reminds me of this joke.
    After Queen Elizabeth’s coronation she toured the commonwealth. When she reached Samoa she brought along an old throne for the queen of Samoa. The gift was gracefully accepted and stowed away in the top storey of the royal grass hut. After a few months the weight of the throne became too much and it crashed down to the ground and killed several people. The moral to the story is, people who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.


  2. Wow – thank you Seamus! And cool Laurie! 🙂


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