…listen up, Mabel… I’m on colour radio this coming Saturday morning… #TBSU…

…completely shameless Medya Tart, me… I’m emb’dy’s for the scrape of an interviewer’s pen… column inches in yer local mag?.. this ol’ Jurassic’s yer huckleberry… television crew in the locality?… show me the way to the cameras… sound bite from the self-publishing scribbler?… yup, tick that box as well… comes now the next aural imposition on the listening-public-at-large… this Saturday morning Abu Dhabi Classic FM, will threaten the credibility of its franchise by letting me into their studio in Abu Dhabi… subject matter supposedly the ePublishing phenomenon… let’s see where that takes us… the charming Ms Gina Peach is tasked with pitching the questions… the whisper is she’ll have her finger on the Taser Gun to keep the conversation half-way sensible… I’ve been asked to choose a piece of Classical Music to intersperse my inanity on air… I’ve proposed Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, which is about as close as it gets to summarising the trip most of we quill-scrapers go through on the way to Literary Stardom… which got me to pond’ring… about which bits of music I frequently have as background when I’m writing… I’m not much into the wallpaper background stuff so dearly loved by the ‘please-hold-the-line-forever’ robot voices on company telephone extensions... my preferences are more for ‘mood’ pieces… the Muse seems to produce better for me with an eclectic range… ‘Amazing Grace with bagpipers and Andre Rieu’, anything by Judy Collins, the incomparable Andrea Bocelli, Freddy with his Bohemian Rhapsy-thing, Celtic ballads, Ray Charles, Willie ‘I’m Gonna Sing ‘Til I’m A Hundred’ Nelson, Harry Nilsson... and so it goes on… the colour radio stations usually give yeez a copy of the interview afterward (will yeez just listen to me!..‘usually’!!)… if it doesn’t break all the broadcasting ROOLS… yeez’ll prob’ly hear it on here in a day or so…

…if yeez are in the UAE and feel like listening around 10.15 am, please tune in on Abu Dhabi Classic FM

91.6 Abu Dhabi, 105.2 Al Ain, 87.9 Dubai

meantime, see yeez later… LUV YEEZ… here’s the Ride of the Valkyries for yeez to get in the mood…



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12 responses to “…listen up, Mabel… I’m on colour radio this coming Saturday morning… #TBSU…

  1. OK, You got me in the mood. I’m just not sure what for but I find myself sitting here putting an edge on my sword.Ouch, nicked my thumb there.Perhaps I’m just in the mood for a nice cuppa char.
    Don’t play the 1812 as I haven’t got enough brasso for the cannon.
    Have a Great Weekend Seumas.


  2. fantastic news, and best of luck on the airwaves, shameless seumas


  3. Quite awesome musical choices! Have you tried Sky World by Two Steps From Hell? It’s sort of a movie soundtrack from a movie that doesn’t exist…but when I hear some of it, it puts me in mind of Jack Calder…


  4. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed doing the radio interview Sir.


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