Death Can’t Take A Joke by Anya Lipska: Excerpt.

…Paul Brazill carries an intriguing extract from the second novel from Anya Lipska, ‘Death Can’t Take a Joke’… Anya’s first book, ‘Where The Devil Can’t Go’ was the first novel I ever reviewed, and probably set the tone and taste for reviewing for me, it was such a great read.. I’ve just downloaded this new one,, and look forward to it with great delight …

Paul D. Brazill

Death Can't Take A Joke PB 2.indd One of my favourite crime fiction novels of 2012 was Anya Lipska ‘s debut WHERE THE DEVIL CAN’T GO , which introduced the characters of  Janusz Kiszka- a fixer/ unofficial private eye in London’s Polish community- and rookie copy D C Natalie Kershaw.

You can read what I had to say about WHERE THE DEVIL CAN’T GO here.

Well, Kiszka and Kershaw are back in Anya Lipska’s latest  crime thriller DEATH CAN’T TAKE A JOKE, which is available as a paperback, eBook and audio-book.

And you can read an extract here:

In this scene, private eye Janusz Kiszka is at his murdered friend’s house when he sees a mystery woman leaving flowers outside in tribute…

Janusz gazed out of the bay window that framed the tiny front garden and flower-strewn wall like a tableau. Through the half-closed slats of the blinds a young woman came into view, slowing to…

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