Chris (The Story Reading Ape) Graham

… typically humble and wonderful interview with the marvellous Storytelling Ape… well done Ailsa Abraham … (BTW, Ailsa, there’s a guy, Chris Graham, you can call who may be able to tell you how to get the sag out of the settee…

The Bingergread Cottage

Well, he FINALLY arrived at the Bingergread Cottage.Ape 1

I could tell when he did, all the local wildlife went streaming through the open front door and out through the previously closed back door before disappearing into the tangled overgrowth called (imaginatively, considering it was the Council’s choice) ‘The Bingerbread Cottage Enchanted Forest’!

It was also evident when, after the last Squirrel had disappeared, I heard a loud CLATTER of my precious motorbike hitting the ground, followed by an equally loud “SORRY – I WAS ONLY LOOKING AT IT, NOT TRYING TO GET ON IT” from my Guest.

Yes, you’ve guessed who my Guest is – the biggest, strongest, furriest Blogger in the Cyberworld – Chris, The Story Reading Ape!

After Badger reluctantly assisted him to get untangled and out from under the motorbike Chris finally made it through the now permanently open front door (it was no longer attached to…

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2 responses to “Chris (The Story Reading Ape) Graham

  1. Thanks for the reblog Seumas – YOU DA MAN 😀


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