…my Man of Dignity for the Month… Hishammuddin Hussein, Acting Minister of Transport of Malaysia… #TBSU…

Transport mimister


…it would be a heartless creature indeed who felt no sympathy for the families of those aboard the MH 370… primary thoughts and prayers correctly belong to them right now… like many hundreds of millions around the globe, I’ve watched the cable television news coverage of the day to day search… unhappily, part of that coverage includes the daily press briefings with the sometimes inane questioning from the local and world’s assembled press… whatever theory each of us may harbour regarding the mystery of what has happened to the aircraft and its passengers and crew, the simple single fact remains… no-one knows for certain… it may well be, that in the fullness of time, discovery, examination and investigation of the circumstances of MH 370‘s disappearance will provide more human fodder for the ‘blame-hawks’… I witnessed similar, brutal, barbed and poisonous, press-conference interrogation in the aftermath of the tragic typhoon disaster which struck the small city of Tacloban in the Philippines… the eternal adage is that bad news sells well, and terrible news sells terribly well… 24/7 news channels and their repetitive talking heads’ hunger for drama often sits neatly alongside the ‘don’t let facts get in the way of a good story’ syndrome… finger-pointing, blame, and prejudgment is part and parcel of that… amidst all of this journalistic shrapnel, Acting Minister of Transport, Hishammuddin Hussein (pictured above) has served as a wonderful lightning rod, diffusing much of the vitriol and speculation… like myself, I suppose many of you may have been in similar situations as the spokesperson for a company, community, whatever, handling crises (although unlikely ever to have approached a scale such as this man has had to cope with)… it’s not easy, particularly if some among the questioners seem to have a sharpened negative agenda… Hishammuddin Hussein has exemplified all that is good in a man of obvious dignity… he cares deeply about the families, relatives and friends of those whose fate is as yet still unresolved… Mister Hussein, I’ve never met you, but I’d be honoured to have you as a friend… you are my Man of Dignity for the Month


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6 responses to “…my Man of Dignity for the Month… Hishammuddin Hussein, Acting Minister of Transport of Malaysia… #TBSU…

  1. Jody Ballard

    I love the way you think…… Jody J. Ballard, LCPC http://www.jodyballard.com Strategic Wellness Systems, LLC +971 55 288 1255


  2. Keeping you own head clear and staying calm in the face of anger and aggression is a hard earned and learned skill that more people would be wise to get to grips with.
    But unfortunately, as you rightly said, SENSATIONALISM and LURIDNESS is a potent seller of newspapers, books, etc.


  3. Very well put. So many news stations, and people, emote first and think afterwards. Sometimes there is no-one to blame but fate. I always think that it’s worth remembering that while the investigation is underway; during the headlong hunt for someone to hang out to dry.




  4. Excellent post! I could not agree more with all you’ve said in this piece. The man deserves a medal for keeping calm, maintaining his composure and diffusing the stupidity of speculation and finger pointing.


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